the Father and the Son

The following e-mail came from one of our dear readers who was unable to substantiate a vital doctrinal truth with his NIV--Jesus Christ is God. In fact after I had written the article on the deity of Jesus Christ I took the verses here which directly attest to the deity of Christ and compared them with the NIV renderings. Almost every one of them was changed to take away His deity. You don't have to take my word for it, you can compare yourself. Here's our e-mail:

I am fortunate to have found a testimonial page that confirms that Jesus and the Heavenly Father are of one personality. For about a year, before I knew about your website, I was having difficulties in trying to conclude that Jesus and Yahweh are one. A significant factor that was blocking my search for the answer was a paperback edition of the NIV Bible. You are right, the NIV and the New World Translations of Holy Scriptures (JW) do their part in alienating the Father and the Son. In a way, it is trying to confine the people's faith in a similar way that the Pharisees were doing to the Israelites.

Just over a month ago, I felt the urge to break away the chains of maltranslation and malinterpretation: I finally obtained a KJV Bible. Sure enough, the old English slows my reading every now and then - but there is always a dictionary and thesaurus to remedy that inconvenience. I have personally noticed that the KJV contains and expresses the emotions of God, something that is poorly conducted in the other versions. The KJV is the next best thing to knowing the original Hebrew and Greek language.

Maybe you agree with me, reading the KJV allows the spirit of the LORD to pierce through the mind and the heart of the individual, no matter how dark and hardened it is. It feels like the LORD is shaking you around and saying "Wake up, boy. Wake up! You must follow what I must tell you. Don't give up on me! I am the LORD and you will listen!" This might not be an exact expression, but that is the way he is trying to talk to the newcomers and the existing believers.

Sure, I got saved by the NIV, but it made Jesus a little bit distant from the Father. Sometimes, I felt that the NIV and other new versions were trying to make me double-think and corner me into the dilemna of who to believe in: the Father or the Son? That is how bad the alienation can be. The KJV testifies that they are of one righteous personality.

Read the KJV Bible on line! Or better yet, download it!

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