NIV Teen Says
Catholics are

The following e-mail did not surprise me one little bit. I had written about this months ago in the article on the NIV blasphemy of gender inclusivity. I had mentioned how my sister received a copy of the NIV teen Bible and it said that Catholics are Christians. Everytime you give your child the corrupted NIV that you hold dear, you are putting poison in them. And what is just as bad, they will not witness to the lost because they will think that they are saved. We are going to have a lot to answer for at the Judgment.


Hi there!

I am writing in response to your webpages on Roman Catholocism. I am only 17 years old, but I have discovered a personal relationship with Jesus through my faith. I believe that all denominations are are Christian...like it is described in my Teen Study Bible (NIV) it's only a matter of preference. (it says it's much the same as having the choice of atheletic shoes!!! 'ya know...Adidas, Nike, etc!)...


Don't read this and weep. Read it and take some action--throw that NIV garbage in the trash can where it belongs!

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