Archaic Words in the NIV
Archaic Words in the NIV

Adapted from,
Archaic Words in the NIV by Dr. Laurence M. Vance
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abasementEzra 9:5heaviness
abashedIs 24:23confounded
abuttedEzek 40:18over against
acclamation2 Chr 15:14voice
aghastIs 13:8amazed
alcoveEzek 40:13little chamber
annotations2 Chr 13:22story
armlessNum 31:50chains
bewildermentActs 2:6confounded
bluntedPs 58:7cut in pieces
blusteringJob 8:2strong
breakersPs 93:4waves
broochesEx 35:22bracelets
broodIs 57:4children
burnishedDan 10:6polished
carnelianRev 4:3sardine
charioteersI Sam 13:5horsemen
citronRev 18:12thyine
colonnadeI Ki 7:6porch
commemorateEx 13:3remember
coomgSong 2:12voice
corsI Ki 4:22measures
curdsGen 18:8butter
dappledZec 6:6gristled
debaucheryGal 5:19lasciviousness
decimated2 Sam 21:5destroyed
dejectedGen 40:6sad
deludedIs 44:20deceived
denariiMatt 18:28pence
denariusMatt 20:2penny
desecrateLev 21:12profane
despoilJer 30:16give for a prey
detachmentJohn 18:3band
disheartenedEzek 13:22sad
disillusionmentPs 7:14falsehood
dissipationI Pet 4:4riot
drachmasEzra 2:69drams
dragnetHab 1:15drag
duplicityLk 20:23craftiness
elationPro 28:12glory
emasculateGal 5:12cut off
embeddedEcc 12:11fastened
embitterPs 73:21grieved
embodimentRom 2:20form
emphaticallyMk 14:31vehemently
encouragingly2 Chr 30:22comfortably
encrouchPro 23:10enter
engulfPs 69:2overflow
enrollment2 Chr 17:14numbers
enthralledPs 45:11greatly desire
envelopedLk 9:34overshadowed
exasperateEph 6:4provoke
exterminateEzek 25:7perish
exultIs 14:8rejoice
factions1 Ki 16:21parts
famishedIs 8:21hungry
fattened1 Sam 28:24fat
faultfindersJude 16complainers
fawnsSong 4:5roes
fellowmanMicah 2:2man
festivalEx 5:1feast
festiveI Sam 25:8good
fieldstonesDeut 27:6whole stones
figureheadActs 28:11sign
fil~greeEx 28:20enclosings
fishnetsEzek 26:5nets
flagstaffIs 30:17beacon
flankEzek 34:21side
fleetingPs 89:47short
flingingActs 22:23threw
floggedActs 5:40beaten
floodgatesGen 7:11windows
flutteringIs 16:2wandering
fomentingIs 59:13speaking
fordedJosh 2:23passed over
forevermoreJude 25for ever
frolicPs 104:26play
fruitageIs 27:9fruit
gadflyJer 46:20destruction
gaietyIs 24:8mirth
galled1 Sam 18:8displeased
gatewayGen 19:1gate
gauntGen 41:3leanfleshed
gauntnessJob 16:8leanness
geckoLev 11:30ferret
glancingEx 2:12looked
glintHab 3:11light
glistcningJob 41:32shine
gloatPs 30:1rejoice
gloomJob 10:21darkness
gluttedEzek 39:19full
gobletIs 51:17cup
goumGen 14:1nations
grapevineJames 3:12vine
HadesRev 20:14hell
harrowingIs 28:24break the clods
hauntPs 44:19place
headwatersGen 2:10heads
hoopoeLev 11:19lapwing
hordeEzek 17:17army
ibexDeut 14:5pygarg
ignoble2 Tim 2:20dishonour
impaledEzra 6:11hanged
imperishableI Cor 15:50incorruption
impetuousHab 1:6hasty
improviseAmos 6:5invent
incited1 Chr 21:1provoked
incursPro 9:7getteth
indestructibleHeb 7:16endless
indignantMk 10:41displeased
indispensable1 Cor 12:22necessary
infamyIs 44:11ashamed
innumerable2 Chr 12:3without number
insolenceJer 48:30wrath
insolentRom 1:30despiteful
jeered2 Ki 2:23mocked
joists2 Chr 34:11couplings
jowlsDeut 18:3cheeks
kingship1 Sam 10:16kingdom
lifeboatActs 27:30boat
magiMatt 2:1wise men
mainstayJer 49:25chief
maraudersJob 12:6robbers
marshaledJob 32:14directed
mattocks1 Sam 13:20courter
maxiumsJob 13:12remembrances
melodiousPs 81:2 pleasant
memorandumEzra 6:2record
minaLk 19:16 ppound
misdemeanorActs 18:14wrong
naiveRom 16:18simple
nationalityEst 2:10people
naughtIs 40:23nothing
NegevGen 12:9south
NephilimGen 6:4giants
nightfall2 Sam 19:7night
noonday2 Sam 4:5noon
NubiansDan 11:43Ethiopians
nuggetsJob 22:24gold
nurturedLam 4:5brought
oarsmenEzek 27:26rowers
oblivionPs 88:12forgetfulness
obscenityEph 5:4filthiness
offalEx 29:14dung
officiate2 Ki 17:32sacrificed
opportuneMk 6:1convenient
oreJob 28:2stone
overawedPs 49:16afraid
overweeningIs 16:6very
parapetDeut 22:8battlement
piledLk 23:9questioned
pinionsDeut 32:11wings
porphyryEst 1:6red
portentIs 20:3wonder
portico1 Ki 6:3porch
poultice2 Ki 20:7lump
PraetoriumMatt 27:27common hall
prefectsDan 3:3governors
proconsulActs 13:8deputy
profligateDeut 21:20glutton
promiscuityEzek 16:26whoredoms
qualmJude 12fear
rabbleNum 11:4mixed multitude
rampartsHab 2: 11tower
rawbonedGen 49:14strong
reekedEx 8:14stank
repointing1 Sam 13:21sharpen
reposesPro 14:33resteth
reputedGal 2:9seemed
resoundI Chr 16:32roar
resplendentPs 76:4glorious
reveledNeh 9:25delighted themselves
revelryIs 22:13gladness
reveningJer 2:30destroying
riftsJer 2:6pits
sachetSong 1:13bundle
satrapsEst 3:12lieutenants
sheathedPs 68:13covered
siegeworksEcc 9:14bulwarks
simpleheartedPs 116:6simple
sistrums2 Sam 6:5cornets
squallMk 4:37storm of wind
stadiaRev 14:20furlongs
stagSong 2:9hart
stipulationsDeut 4:45testimonies
suckling1 Sam 7:9sucking
sullenI Ki 21:5sad
temperateI Tim 3:11sober
tempestPs 55:8storm
terebinthHos 4:13elms
tethered2 Ki 7:10tied
thongLk 3:16latchet
thornbushIs 55:13thorn
thundercloudPs 81:7thunder
timidity2 Tim 1:7fear
tinderIs 1:31tow
torrentRev 12:15flood
tranquillityEcc 4:6quietness
transcendsPhil 4:7passeth
transplantedEzek 17:10planted
tressesSong 7:5galleries
tumult1 Sam 14:19noise
turbulentGen 49:4unstable
tyrannicalPro 28:16oppressor
tyrannyIs 54:14oppression
underlings2 Ki 19:6servants
vassal2 Ki 24:1servant
vauntsJob 15:25strengtheneth
ventJob 20:23cast
verdantSong 1:16green
vestmentsEzra 3:10apparel
vexedPs 112:10grieved
wadiNum 34:5river
waylaid1 Sam 15:2laid wait for
waywardnessHosea 14:4backsliding
wilyJob 5:13froward
windstormIs 29:6storm
wrenchedGen 32:25out of joint
wretchesMatt 21:41wicked men
yearlingIs 11:6fatling

Archaic Words and the Authorized Version
By Dr. Laurence M. Vance

As suitable for reading as it is valuable for reference this book provides an explicit and comprehensive examination of every word in the Authorized Version of the Bible that has been deemed archaic, obsolete, antiquated, or otherwise outmoded. The result is both a fascinating and encyclopedic study of words -their meaning, derivation, usage, and significance. The thesis of this seminal work is that the Authorized Version is no more archaic than daily newspapers, current magazines, and modern Bible versions. This book is unique in that it seeks neither to criticize nor to correct the text of the Authorized Version. Extensively documented with over 5,000 footnotes, the book contains twenty-four chapters and fourteen appendixes, with a preface, introduction, epilogue, and bibliography. 589 Pages

Dr. Vance's books may be purchased from:
Vance Publications
P.O. Box 11781
Pensacola, FL 32524
(904) 474-1626

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