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I have 21

The Bible version issue is serious. Many write and say, "It's no big deal, the scholars say the xyz translation is the most accurate." or, "Hey, I John 5:7 ain't supposed to be in the Bible. The footnotes in my NIV say so!" Oh, so these people are willing to see part of the Bible deleted because of a simple footnote? The Bible corruptions are RUINING God's people. I have so many e-mails I could share to illustrate this including one from a professing Christian who sounds like a straight up heretic talking about how Jesus and the Father are cruel!!! His doctrine was so messed up I knew he didn't read the KJV and told him so. He confirmed that he didn't and said the KJV wasn't his language--what?!!?! On to our feature e-mail...


I was reading your web page on the King James version of the Bible. I'm hoping you can answer a question for me? Is there a difference in the King James Bibles? You said that you use the 'authorized' KJV. I have a Spirit Filled Life Bible , a Thompson Chain , a 1917 Scofield Reference edition, and a Full Life Study Bible, all in the KJV. But only the Scofield says "authorized". Is there a difference?

I have been very confused about Bible versions, to the point where I felt tormented with doubt. I have purchased so many different ones trying to find peace as I read. I have the NIV, NAS, RSV, LB, NLT, and NKJV. (all in all I have 21 Leather Bibles) hows that for confusion? My husband has always stuck with his King James, but I had to read everything and now have a whole sack of confusion and heartache.

Can you help? which one do I use. I want to know and receive every word God has to say and I don't want verses missing or changed anymore. I'd really appreciate any advice you have. Thank you.

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Dear Writer:

Thank you for sharing your concerns about the Bible.

The Authorized King James Version of 1611 is showing up in a number of study Bibles such as the Scofield. I have a Scofield that someone gave me and I rarely use it--I'll tell you why...

(1) When I first started walking with the Lord I had an old timey King James with no center column references or anything. The Spirit of God through my reading made me memorize and cross-reference verses in my mind--I didn't learn about this through a church or books, I learned through the Holy Ghost. I was able to remember where I saw the subject before and put the scriptures together for the full counsel of God.

Later on when I got another Bible which had cross-references, it bothered me that someone else told me what scriptures they thought went together--it took away my joy of discovering these jewels. In addition, they did not cross reference ALL the verses that applied. It is hard to find a good Bible with no cross-references though I have recently discovered a place I can get some leather ones so I am exceeding excited about that.

(2) I don't like the commentaries in the study Bibles. For instance in the Scofield there is a comment on the book of James basically saying he didn't know what he was talking about because he didn't have Paul's epistles. This contradicts the word because the Bible says that none of the scriptures is by private interpretation and that the Holy Ghost is the one that moved the men to write. So it is wrong to say James didn't have the epistles to refer to--by saying so, it is saying the Holy Ghost didn't know what HE was talking about. Which will I believe, God or Scofield? The choice is easy--I'm on the Lord's side. I figure the commentator didn't like the book of James because it didn't fit in with some doctrine/theology he held--so he belittled James.

Concerning how to tell if you have the Authorized King James Version, [1] if it doesn't say Authorized (a word that liberal "Christians" don't like. I'm not surprised they took it off the title page) it should at least [2] say conformable to the edition of 1611. As a third check you can [3] take selected AKJV scriptures and compare them with your Bibles. I'd take some verses with ye's and thee's to compare. Even if it has the ye's, I'd look at 2 Timothy 3:17 to make sure they didn't change "throughly" to "thoroughly".

The confusion you are having is not uncommon but unfortunately many people would rather be confused than read the Authorized King James Bible. If you are interested in getting a quality Authorized King James without the commentaries and cross-references, I can look up the information on AV Publications--they sell such Bibles. I have yet to find anyone else.

The day is coming when we will not be able to purchase the Authorized King James of 1611. The money-grubbin' marketers and pseudo-scholars have a louder voice than us feeble few that cling to the Authorized King James Bible of 1611. People from around the world (the internet is great for sharing the gospel!) have been telling me they can't find the AKJV and I even see it being crowded out here in the U.S. Nevertheless, God is good and He will preserve His word.

Thank you for writing and if there are other questions I can answer please write again. Be blessed as you pursue God's will through His word.

For Jesus' sake,

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