Who is
James A. Wylie?
I was so utterly impressed with the writings of Mr. J.A. Wylie that I wrote to the Bible Presbyterian Church asking for information on the man. What I received from them is the information you'll read on this page.

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The following quote on J.A. Wylie is taken from a Publisher's Preface by Mourne Missionary Press:

"The Rev. James Aitken Wylie was for many years a leading Protestant spokesman. Born in Scotland in 1808, he was educated at Marischal College, Aberdeen and at St. Andrews; he entered the Original Seccession Divinity Hall, Edinburgh in 1827, and was ordained in 1831. Dr. Wylie became sub-editor of the Edinburgh Witness in 1846, and, after joining the Free Church of Scotland in 1852, edited the Free Church Record from 1852 until 1860. In 1860 he was appointed Lecturer on Popery at the Protestant Institute, a position he held until the year of his death. Aberdeen University awarded him the LL.D. in 1856.

"Dr. Wylie was a prolific writer on Protestant themes. In 1851 the Evangelical Alliance awarded him first prize for his writing The Papacy, which he submitted as his entry for a competition for the best essay on Popery.

"The writing for which Wylie is best known is his History of Protestantism which extends to nearly 2,000 pages and was first published in 1878."

Closing comments from Mr. Clouse of the Bible Presbyterian church--

By the way, there are 24 "books" in all, so there is much more to come. Amy Floyd, who works with me at Datastream, is helping to edit the chapters, and she hopes to accelerate the pace in the next few months. I have completed the scanning and initial editing of 11 of the books.

I am pleased that you are interested in the book. I am concerned about the advances being made by Rome and the decay of Protestantism. Rome's purpose, as given in the Pope's Encyclical (Ut Unam Sint, I believe it is), is to bring Protestantism back into the Roman Church in the year 2000. It appears that much of Protestantism is ripe for the harvest. Please feel free to distribute these materials as widely as possible.

Thank you Mr. John Clouse, I will!

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