The Papacy:
Its History, Dogmas,
Genius, and Prospects

Rev. J.A. Wylie, LL.D.

Gentle reader, this is some outstanding information on the Great Whore of Revelation aka the Catholic religion aka Romanism. Written back in the days when Christians weren't scared to speak up. To get some background on author J.A. Wylie, please go to Who is James A. Wylie?

bookPreface to the People's Edition

bookBooke One: History of the Papacy

bookBooke Two: Dogmas of the Papacy

bookBooke Three: The Genius and Influence of the Papacy

bookBooke Four: Present Policy and Prospects of the Papacy

If it be the Lord's will, we will upload more of Rev. Wylie's writings (I don't mind calling him "Reverend" 'cause he did a GOOD work.)

This html format was done by Mr. John Clouse. I bless God that He had His servant to share these little known writings with the world. You can go to the Bible Presbyterian site to download these books to your hard drive--they will not always be available on line--believe it. Their website is at They also have other Wylie books.

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