Christian Links

European Institute for Protestant Studies
~Dr. Ian Paisley's website. "The Institute's purpose is to expound the Bible, expose the Papacy, and to promote, defend and maintain Bible Protestantism in Europe and further afield." There is some awesome preaching here. I love to hear those Irish Free Presbyterian preachers preach. I do not agree with Calvinists on all things-- but they got most of it right. Holiness and a reverence for God and His word.
A MUST SEE!!!!!!!!
The Cutting Edge
~Find out Satan's techniques for brainwashing the masses. Lots of interesting radio transcripts.
Unshackled! On-line
Unshackled! is an OUTSTANDING radio show that has been on the air about 50 years. They take real life conversion stories and dramatize them. They are powerful, and sometimes even tear-jerking as you hear how the blood of Jesus is still saving souls--one at a time. Bless God! They also have a section where you can find out which stations carry it in your area. After your regular giving at church, if you want a good ministry to contribute to, this is DEFINITELY one! (they use the King James 1611 too--go 'head!)
Last Trumpet Ministries
~Crankin' on-line tracts!
The Spurgeon Archive
Charles Haddeon Spurgeon (aka "The Prince of Preachers") was a deep brother. Go to this comprehensive site to drink from his wells. This is a work in progress and includes written and audio sermons. Praise ye the Lord for this important resource.
Christian Midi Collection

Hephzibah House
~Sound, to-the-point tracts including a good one on hellivision.
No Greater Joy
~Excellent childrearing and family advice.
Evangelical Outreach
~not King James 1611, but they have some good articles and apologetics.
Frontline Fellowship
~Missions work in the Sudan where crazy Muslims are hacking, enslaving (white slavery and otherwise), killing, plundering, etc. all in the name of jihad. See the video, Sudan: The Hidden Holocaust also available from Jeremiah Films.
Creation Science Evangelism
~the name says it all. site of Dr. Kent Hovind well-known creationist speaker and debater. excellent tapes that are reasonably priced. King James.
Power of Prophecy, Texe Marrs
~Check out insightful newsletter articles.
Answers in Genesis
~Evolution. Ken Ham. Not King James.

Reasons to believe
~Evolution apologetics.

The Berean Call
~Dave Hunt's website--author of the EXCELLENT "Woman Rides the Beast" an insightful expose on Romanism.

Center for Scientific Creation
~Includes online book, "In the Beginning: Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood".
The William Tyndale Home Page
~This link is to a site devoted to William Tyndale. It is BEAUTIFULLY done. Papists (Catholics) strangled and burned him at the stake for translating the Bible into English.
The Bible Truth Homepage
~They offer an awesome set of CDs with books, sermons, and websites. Though they advertise it as free, I strongly suggest that you send in an offering if you order it. It is not free for that brother to put together, produce and mail those CDs.
The Hall of Church History
~Read writings of olde divines (and HERETICKS like popery (Augustine/Guyon/Aquinas, etc.) & Greek orthodox so be careful!)
Logos Resource Home Page
or here
~Loads of good information on contemporary topics like the occult, new age, capital punishment, etc. as well as Christian history and other profitable studies.
Matthew Henry Commentary
~This commentary can be useful for somebody already a student of the word. I don't suggest commentaries as a way to learn the word. Learn the word first and then this may prove useful to you. We have to be able to test comments by our own knowledge of the scripture.
Reformation Ink
~Reformation classics of old divines and popish HERETICKS so be careful!
The Alnor Report and The Christian Sentinel exposing the charismatic movement as well as prominent so- called Christian preachers/"personalities". Also has book reviews of timely books--the reviews are helpful if you never read the books. What a falling away!
The History of the English Bible
~Kinda soft but you can get some info here.
Liberty to the Captives
~This is a new website and is not all that big, but if you are into the truth, you will find something there!
Fundamental Bible Church
~Archives of Foundation magazine which has sound, informative articles on apostasy, the Bible (support KJ1611), charismatic movement, Christian living, church, doctrinal issues, editorials, encouragement for believers, end times, ecumenism & new evangelism, exposes, Islam, religous news and views, PK, Romanism, separation, etc.
History of the Christian Church
~Good source for names in history. Writing smacks of popery as the author calls Romanism Christian and speaks favorably of certain popess--they are all antichrist. Nevertheless, it includes helpful bibliographies.
~lots of articles and great links.
Exposing Satanism
~Information on Wicca, fake gods, new age, etc.
Paw Creek Ministries
~Pentecostal ministry with excellent information on different issues and especially the charismatic movement.
Ephesians 5:11
~Not King James...learn about Masons.
Exposing Satanism
~Information on Wicca, fake gods, new age, etc.
Setting the Captives Free
~For porno whoremongers.
The Narrow Way
~lots of helpful articles and old- timey writings.
The Watchman Expositor
~gives info about some cults--not hard and fast Bible, but you can glean doctrinal info on groups like mormons, jehovah witnesses--catholicism is noticably absent
On-line tracts from The Fellowship Tract League

The Fellowship Tract League website

What's Wrong with Christian Rock?
~Watch the video on-line, or download it.
Christian News & Views
~expose's, Catholicism & other cults, new evangelical movement, false doctrines, encouragement and more.
Apostasy in the Church
~the Catholic religion, new age, ecumenical movement.
Catholic concerns
~Website of a former nun. Excellent writer. Good insights on Rome.
Reformed Presbyterian Church (Covenanted)
~Writings by the olde divines. [note: I am no Calvinist though I do enjoy many of the writings of the old divines.]
Midnight Cry Ministries
~I read two interesting articles concerning what tribulation is and the Pensacola "revival". there are also some on-line books that look pretty interesting.
The Bible Believer's Resource Page
~lots of terrific information--expose's, false doctrines & religions, encouragement and much more
Chick Publications
~I got saved reading a Chick tract
Worthy News
~Lots of up-to-date information from a Christian perspective.
PsychoHeresy Awareness Ministries
~Psychology is of the Devil, Satan, that ol' serpent, the Dragon.
Third Wave Doctrines
~Find out about occult roots in charismatic chaos. Read about Joel's Army and much more. Also check out the rest of the site. Charismatics & Catholics, word-faith movement, etc. Careful, some of the authors "get into the Greek" (ridiculous) and use perversions for scripture quotes.
Bible Baptist Prison Ministry
~Do you have any old KJV-based materials that you can donate to this ministry? They are taking it into the prisons and sharing the word of life with the unsaved as well as the new converts.
Rock of Ages Prison Ministry
New Christian Series: Doctrinal Studies for New Believers
~The name says it all and it is KJ 1611 to boot.
Wyatt Archaeological Research
Real Video and real video clips of expedition to Turkey to find what they believe is Noah's ark--including a 20/20 clip. Also information on Sodom and Gomorrah, the Red Sea crossing (found chariot wheels, horse and human skulls in the Red Sea), etc.
Labyrinth of the World
~By Jan Amos Comenius, Christian and father of "modern" education. Interesting book. Insighful.
Gateway Baptist Church
~Independent, Unaffiliated, Separated, Soul-Winning, and KJV-preaching. Praise the Lord! Lots of interesting articles--apostasy, "Christian Psychology", ecumenical movement, Catholicism, Promise Keepers, Bible versions, Biblical separation, etc. Tell Pastor Cockrell we sent you.
Tracts and Booklets of James L. Melton
~Great stuff, interesting to read with compelling points.
~Classic by William Law
Westminster Presbyterian Church Religious Bookmarks
101 KJV Bible & Christian Resources
~Links for days!
~Articles on how the New Age movement is taking over schools and other stuff like politics. Casper, the Lion King, etc. Berit Kjos is a VERY good writer and researcher.
Christian Biography Resources
~loads of edifying bios!
~interesting, down home articles like "Daddy" are sure to warm your heart while providing some practical advice. good writing.
Jesus is the Light of the World
~Sis. Rena is a good writer with some good, sound, King James Bible advice.
The Hope of Israel
~Need info on how to witness to the Jewish people? Visit this website or write to Daniel Sims, a missionary to the Jewish people. You may also contact "The Everlasting Nation," (a.k.a. International Board of Jewish Missions.) P.O. Box 3307, Chattanooga, TN 37404.
~loads of scholarly writings on all kinds of subjects like evolution, communism, Bible versions, church history, ecumenical movement, psychology, charismatic movement, etc.

~By Biblical Discernment Ministries. ExposÚs on various popular "Christian" speakers .
The Beardsley's Homepage
~Lots of interesting links.
Free Gospel Literature (great links page. If you have money, pay for what you order...)
Jason's Christian Homepage
~lots of interesting links
~This site has TONS of information on all kinds of cults like new age mumbo-jumbo, eastern mysticism, etc. Go to their main index page to select other cults.
New Covenant Bible Studies
~Thought-provoking articles and Bible studies.
Bible Gateway
~Has a bunch of Bible versions--see if what we say about the NIV is true! Here for the wicked ASV (1901) daughter of the [English] Revised Version (1885)
The Reformation On-line
~Some good articles on the whore of Revelation (the Papacy) and an on-line J.A. Wylie book on the Scottish nation (homeland of good ol' King James)
The Berean Call
~Dave Hunt's home page. Mr. Hunt wrote "Woman Rides the Beast"--good book.
Antichrist Conspiracy
~My web site is a ministry to inform others of the coming danger and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Christian Classics Ethereal Library
~Lots of old timey, public domain books. Warning, some by papists.
The Doorway Papers
~Dr. Arthur C. Custance (1910-1985) was obviously a deep thinker. This is a collection of his Christian writings. Some good apologetical information is bound to be found.
Manuscript Evidence Class by Dr. Tom Holland
~want to understand more about textual criticism and "the originals"? Easy to read on-line class notes. Dr. Holland's Page has info on cults, on-line KJV debates, Q&As
The Trinity Foundation
~Interesting articles. I particularly enjoyed the "Trinity Manifesto".
~get the authorized King James Bible on CD, tape, or on video with nature scenes & rich narrative
King James Bible Articles
~additional comments on the beloved KJV
Large Print KJV on-line
Watch Unto Prayer
~find out about the Rosicrucian movement that grows right along side Romanism
Bible Preaching
~Reader recommendation. See the "Betrothal Series" that speaks to the Biblical way to find a wife.
Apologetics Index: Supposed Bible Contradictions
~Their intro states, "Perhaps you have seen them -- those lists of alleged "Bible Contradictions". They're frequently posted to newsgroups, and can be found on a number of web sites. Do they prove the Bible to be flawed?" Some defenses are kinda soft and use perversions but you may be able to find some sound apologetical material here.
Ryan Hicks Ministries
~Lotsa interesting articles.
Call to Glory: A "Daily Bread"
for KJV Bible believers--800-982-9074
Suggested Sunday School materials by one of our readers
"The best Sunday School material is put out by the American Baptist Association (not the AB Convention--which is corrupt) This group is Missionary Baptist out of Texarcana, Ark. The best follow up material is either from David Wood "How to Live the Christian Life or by the Partners in Ministry "Seven Steps to Joy" by Charles Shoemaker those two are for beginners---they should be followed by the Milk and Meat series put out by Pro-Teens or The Wilds...all of these cost money. They have to shell out money to print and mail this stuff, but it is worth it."
Sites of Interest to Blind and Visually Impaired People
~Organizations, Software and Hardware Distributors, Equipment Manufacturers, Research Projects.
The Holy Bible
~Gives an index of each book showing the first verse of each chapter.
The Dean Burgon Society
~Defending the King James Bible.
The Geneva Bible Notes, 1599
~Source for historical information.
Penfold Books
~UK Christian bookseller--have videos and casette tapes too.
Naphtali Press On-line Books

http://www.gospelbillboard.com/ (we need to be annointed teachers and preachers of God's word. Live holy and the Lord will annoint you to do His will powerfully with His presence.)
Charles G. Finney's Systematic Theology
~On-line encyclopedia.
The Fundamental Truth
~"The Web Site for Fundamental, King James Bible Baptists". Includes a number of links and resources for Bible believers.
Fundamentalist Minstries
~ Bible Institutes, Colleges, Seminaries Mission Boards and Agencies Other Ministries

On-line religious books
~Be careful here, there are all kinds of books here--some helpful, some heretical.
Some beautiful, inspiring art, not all King James though.
An illustrated account of basic manuscript evidence

Cyber Hymnal
~A few thousand hymns for your edification.

The Bible is full of Mistakes
~Interesting on-line tract

Crisis Pregnancy Hotline: 800-67-BABY-6
InterNet Evangelism & Teaching
Soft and ecumenical, but you may find something here you can use.
A Christian Search Engine
~Over 8,000 linked documents!
Funk and Wagnalls
~On-line encyclopedia.

Prison Planet.com (not a Christian site. Chronicles last days activities in a layman's terms. I don' t recommend spending a lot of time on these things--spend time reading the word, praying, fasting, obeying and serving. These things will make you nervous if you are not a warrior and close to the Lord.)
Brave New World (by Aldous Huxley, 1932. Something was wrong with this man (Huxley). He gave an evil prophesy and some of that may have already been going on. Fertilization outside the womb, cloning, shock conditioning, etc. This man knew.)

If you have some extra time, grab a cup of tea and visit some of these links for Christians. I don't do much surfing, but I have found these sites to be of interest. I do not necessarily subscribe to every thing on every site (e.g. other Bible versions), but feel you are bound to glean something (or a lot) from each one- -on some, what you get depends on where your walk is. Stay in the Booke and you'll never be deceived. If you are weak in the word, may I strongly suggest you consider turning off the internet and turning on to your King James Bible? I've seen too many babes getting confused because they've read some mumbo- jumbo on the internet.
~ ~ ~


Loads of excellent links on Romanism

Good News for Catholics
Excellent ministry that distributes sound materials on the Great Whore

Pine cones, pagans and the Catholic religion

The Cutting Edge
New World Order and Catholicism.

Scriptural and Historical Rebuttal of Roman Catholicism

Romanists Attacking in Brazil
Brazilian reader asks for prayer

Videos/books/tapes at great prices





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