Catechism vs. the Bible

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The Catholic religion is an enemy of God's word. It's doctrines are the exact opposite of those in the Bible. The perversions are so readily evident that the Catholic religion must convince its adherents that they MUST equate Catholic tradition with the Bible. If the poor Catholics were trained to read the Bible independent of their leaders, they would instantly see that their religion is a house made of toothpicks. One slight breeze of truth from the word of God and the whole thing falls to its destruction. Hell has a lot of Catholics in it. If you are Catholic, swallow your pride and take a good look at what your religion asks you to believe in light of the word of God. Fly from Romanism as fast as you can and into the arms of Jesus.

Sister Sandy, a former nun, is graciously going through the Catechism of the Catholic Church and pulling out some major heresies. Between the two of us we are adding scriptures that clearly refute each tenet. This section will be updated as we complete our analyses.

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