From Wicca to Christ

the testimony of Chris, a former Wiccan

Preface by tracy

On 10-10-00, I received the following email...

Hi my name is chris, and I love your site. I like your material on wicca and witchcraft. You have covered all the major points. I was involved in Wicca myself before I turned to the true way to get to God (christianity). I am in the middle of witnessing to -----, ----- was a member of a coven that I was in and he is so close to becoming a christian, so I would like you to pray for him. If you would like, I could send you my testimony via e-mail for you to put into the wicca/witchcraft section, get back to me if you would like me to send you my testimony.

Of course I was thrilled to ask for, and receive, Chris' testimony. In the midst of an evil, perverse and crooked generation, Jesus Christ is STILL the Lord and He is doing HIS work. He will permit this wicked generation to continue until the very last saint gets saved. I love it so much. Christian Reader, let's walk in the power of the Holy Ghost witnessing in the midst of this generation--just like Chris' Christian friend. Notice how Chris is now doing exploits in the name of the Lord. Awesome. Thanks for sharing, Chris!

...also notice what prompted Chris to get a book on witchcraft...

Chris' testimony.

I was brought up in a Christian family and because of this I also went to church. When I became a teenager I thought a Christian was someone who went to church and prayed, because no one told me what a Christian was. People would tell me about Jesus and God but not what makes a Christian.

As I got older, I thought that God [didn't really exist], and one night when I was watching television I saw a Wiccan high priest talk about Wicca and witchcraft. So I decided to get a book on it from a bookstore, and from this moment on Satan had me. I then began casting spells and performing rituals. Witchcraft does work because it uses Satan's power. Yes, Satan has power and when wiccan's cast spells they are using the power of Satan and not nature. Satan's power is restricted, though, and Gods power is stronger then Satan's.

Then I joined a Wicca society in America for two reasons 1) so that I could increase my knowledge and 2) so that I could be dedicated and initiated into Wicca. At college, I found out that a couple of my friends were also into Wicca and we formed a coven.

One month before I was due to be dedicated into Wicca as a neopagan a Christian friend gave me a book called "Witchcraft to Christ". Witchcraft to Christ is a very powerful testimony of a woman who was Queen of black witches but by the grace of God she became a Christian. After reading this book, I thought that there might be something in the Christian religion.

I then went to a Christian youth camp called Harvest, and it was there where I meet God in a really powerful way. I accepted him into my life and I rebuked the hold that Satan had on me, and God lifted me out of a huge pit that I was in. I thank God for his grace and mercy.

When I returned home I bought myself a Bible, and burnt all my witchcraft books and material. I then told my coven members what had happened and I told them that I do not want to be part of this coven anymore and they understood, and I today am still witnessing to them. I left the Wiccan society and went back to church.

Since the moment I accepted the Lord as my personal saviour my life has been changed. Lots of people who have been brought up in a Christian family think that a Christian is someone who goes to church and pray but this is not the case. If you haven't accepted the Lord Jesus Christ into your life and don't know him as your personal saviour then you are not a Christian. If you are practicing Wicca I will tell you now that Jesus Christ loves you and that you are not using the power of nature but the power of Satan. Jesus is the only true way to get into the kingdom of heaven.


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