Future Christian Webmasters

Christian friend, have you ever thought about creating your own website? (1) Print out this 25 page primer, (2) Open up your word processor and you'll be creating pages in less than an hour. (3) Save them as "text only with line breaks" or "text only". (4) To upload your files to your provider's server, you will need FTP software (some web hosts provide it).

Most of us have some free space with our internet provider. There are also free providers like ilovejesus.com (no annoying pop up screen) and TruePath that offer free space for Christian webpages. Geocities is now apparently trying to identify and kickout Christian sites that preach against sin--they call them "hate sites". (aside: I also warn against getting "SurfWatch" as an internet filter--they have a cooperative arrangement with folks that identify jesus-is-lord.com as an "anti-christian hate site" which is ridiculous.)

Why not glorify Jesus Christ with your own site? Start with the book of John and a couple of articles. That's what I did. You can publish the whole New Testament with less than 1 MB of space! Feel free to use anything here that is in the public domain including your webservant's writings.

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