Country Line Dancing in Vacation Bible School?

On August 16, Lord willing, I will begin taking television production classes with my "big little brother" Joe (he's 6'4" 220 pounds). In anticipation of producing my own shows one day, I periodically watch the community cable channel to see the formats and techniques that are used. What a surprise I got today.

Just when you think you've seen it all, something more ridiculous comes up. A lady named Pinky came on camera and introduced a lady who taught country line dancing in Vacation Bible School at a Presbyterian church in Virginia! Whenever Pinky referred to the group, she called them, "The Vacation Bible School Dancers" or some variant thereof.

The kids and the lady who taught them danced on t.v. to Kokomoe by the Beach Boys and YMCA by the Village People (a group of homosexuals singing with homosexual themes). I could not believe it. Wait a second, I hear them downstairs...

You ain't going to believe this. They got them kids doing the macarena! That is a dance where in part of it, they put their hands on their rear end and move around. What a shame! You may be asking, "How does Tracy know all this stuff?" Well, I was in the world for the Beach Boys and the Village People and as far as the macarena, I worked extensively with teenagers and was invited to almost all of their school functions where I saw and heard the latest worldly stuff at places like the International Students Fair.

Vacation Bible School is such a tremendous opportunity to reach young people for Jesus. Many of us Christians were exposed to the gospel as kids. Let me give an example of the importance of VBS for one prisoner. Growing up, he lived in an abusive situation and no one ever encouraged him. He once attended Vacation Bible School where he received a certificate of completion. It was the only good thing he ever received. He still had it as a grown man in his jail cell. As I recall he did come to know Christ in the prison. When you reach a child with the good news of Jesus, you are planting a precious seed.

I remember the first year that I taught VBS. I was very nervous. I even tried being sugary sweet (that lasted about 1 minute into the first first class). That was one of the most powerful weeks of my life. By the end of VBS 11 kids in my class made decisions for Jesus. I had to call for additional help in counseling. I wept and praised God for His goodness. Using my feeble efforts for His glory. Blessed be the name of the Lord.

Then a few years ago, one VBS teacher came up to me and said that she had one of my former students. She had asked her class if anyone had a testimony. A young man promptly stood up and said, "I do. Miss Tracy led me to Jesus in Vacation Bible School." Blessed be the name of the Lord. Now imagine if I had been teaching the macarena in Vacation Bible School? Could you imagine that young man standing up and saying, "Miss Tracy taught me how to do the macarena and the funky chicken!" That is not the legacy that I want. I want to see some souls saved and some strong disciples.

You simply cannot drink of the Lord's cup and the cup of devils. It's one or the other. I think a lot of professing Christians put down rap and hard rock but listen to country music. Country music is just as bad as the rest--as Bro. Chick would say, "honky-tonkin' with somebody else's woman" is one focus of it. Others include adultery, fornication, sexual lust, depression, and almost anything contrary to sound doctrine. Just because your favorite country singer got a "Favorite Hymns" album don't mean that all of their music is acceptable.

I cannot imagine taking the trash, vomit, scum, and dung of this world and mixing it in with Vacation Bible School. Bringing Satan's music in church and then teaching kids to move their bodies around in suggestive ways! They get enough of that in the world everyday! I've been heartbroken at some of the things I've heard from young people. God's house needs to be a refuge, not more of the same-o same-o. We've got to be Christian soldiers, not harlots committing adultery with Satan's world--read Ezekiel if you want to see a good example of God's people gone awhoring. Let us be faithful to our Master. Lord Jesus, please come soon.

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