A child prayed for knowledge of the truth--and got it.

Proverbs 8:17 I love them that love me; and those that seek me early SHALL find me.

Sis. Tracy's note: This young sister is 17. When she was 15, she asked the Lord to show her the truth and He was faithful to her. She is saved today. God is into the truth. If you love the truth, He will manifest it to you. KING JESUS IS THE TRUTH. It is my prayer that she will always serve the Lord. In response to her testimony, I wrote, "Keep on running in Jesus' name and never let this nasty world turn you back. Serve King Jesus until you DIE. You will NEVER regret it. Run, girl, run!!!!!!"

Email received 11-8-02--

Hello friend,

I'm not sure if you can even still be reached at this address, but i hope so. I just discovered your website a few months back and it completely floored me. I had been reading nothing but www.TeenJesus.com for about 6 months, and i was secure there. I had been calling to The Lord to know more, and one day visiting the TJ message boards I saw a message posted from a seemingly frightened girl who said "hey guys, I found this really bold and opinionated site... I think the main thing that scares me is that it actually makes sense" and went on to add a link to your site. I visited of course, and went on to learn that what this girl called "opinionated" was merely un-biased truth. I replied this to her, but have rarely visited TJ since. Your site has helped me SO much, I thank you for your precious gift of time that it took to build.

Email received 12-02-02--


My name is Angela and I thought you might be interested in my testimony, since your website actually played a part in it.

I didn't grow up in a home of any religion. When I was a little girl and asked my mother "what religion are we?" she replied "we believe in God, so we're Christian". When I asked her "what happens after you die?" she said "you go to heaven". That was that, I thought if I "believed" in God I had this special title, but it didn't really matter anyway since we all went to heaven. That was my life for the first fifteen years.

At the age of 15, I was dating a boy who came from a Catholic family, so whenever we'd be together on a Saturday, his mother made us go to church. He never really believed in the Catholic doctorine, and neither did I, although I wasn't sure why. Perhaps it was the false claims of the priests such as "all God is asking of you is one hour per week!" and "if we do not give our money to this church and make it a more beautiful house of God, he will be displeased". But I pushed back my doubts because I was only a young girl, and the millions of people around the world who are Catholics outnumbered me.

One Saturday while in this church, I looked around at the statues, the priest, the communion table, etc. I had barely any knowledge of scripture but something just didn't seem right. I prayed that night for God to open my eyes and give me knowledge on whether or not this religion pleased Him. I prayed this prayer with all of my heart, I wanted to know if there were reasons behind my doubts.

Almost 2 years later, I was visting a site for teen Christians, even though I wasn't sure of my own salvation and still knew very little scripture. I came accross a post on a message board that said "Hey guys, I found this website that is really strong in it's views, and it kinda scares me, tell me what you think." And the link to your site followed. I clicked on it, and by God's glory my prayer was answered. I was given the answer to my question, and given enough knowledge to testify for it! When I realized that this happened, I thanked and praised His name, and got saved.

The boy from the Catholic family is a great friend of mine now, and we share fellowship in Jesus. We are no longer dating, but our friendship is held together by that common bond of our discoveries. We are even starting a bible study group for our friends.

Thank you once again for making this site, it was truly an answer to my prayers. Glory to Jesus. -Angela

p.s. ...I think a good emphasis in my story would be on how it took 2 whole years for my prayer to be answered and that the time frame didn't bother me. Of course not to say "this girl is so patient!" but rather to show others that God works on His time and that we shouldn't lose faith.

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