Several folks have run into the problem of not being able to print out our articles that are on black backgrounds...

(1) you can highlight the article with your mouse THEN press ctrl-c THEN go to your word processor and press ctrl-v. The article will appear and then you can print it out. Or,

(2) you can save the page ("File", "Save" on your browser) and save it on your hard drive. Then open the document up in your word processor and print it--if you do this it will also print out the html code but it will be readable. Or,

(3) Kristie says, "Actually TO PRINT WITHOUT A BLACK background it's just as easy to go to "MY Computer" "Control Panel" "Internet Options" "Advanced" scroll down to Printing; make sure the "print background colors and images is Unchecked, click APPLY, click OK and print without a black or other colored background but with photos intact!" Thanks Kristie!

(4) Bro. Jason says, The following is a Windows accessibility option intended for people with bad eyesight. Depending on your Windows version you can set it via the Control Panel or from IE under Tools, Options. This can affect your Desktop etc. so uncheck the option once you are finished printing. Start, Settings, Control Panel, Internet Options Accessibility... Check the "Ignore colors specified on Web pages" box. All backgrounds are now white, and text, apart from active links, turn black. Or, in IE: Tools, Options, Accessibility... and check the same box.

If you try to print out an article with a black background, you will not be able to see it. If you print out one that is on a light green or brown background with black text, it will print out just like one on a white background.

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