The Dangers of Pokemon

Letter from a pastor

Last night I addressed the children in King's Kids, the teens, and adults about the dangers of Pokemon. I figured that many of the "bussed" kids would be involved in it. I was amazed to find out that since Logos site was posted mentioning that there are 150 different monsters involved in Pokemon, the kids told me tonight that recently it has increased to 380. The original Pokemon TV program shown in Japan had scenes that caused thousands of kids to have unexplainable seizures which required hospitalization. Those scenes have since been removed.

Sunday we had some Junior age boys acting up in Sunday School like never before. They wouldn't pay attention, they were belligerent, noisy, and more than their teacher (an experience public school teacher) could handle. She said she's never seen anything like it. She said that she sensed things were definitely not right in her class that day. The whole atmosphere of the room seemed changed. After learning about Pokemon, I wondered if these kids were involved in Pokemon. Tonight I found out, as after I preached about Satan's influence in various ways, including through Pokemon, they showed me the Pokemon cards they were carrying--to give them power...This is probably affecting Sunday School teachers and parents all over. We would think it awful if someone brought a crystal ball or Ouija board to Sunday School. Yet these cards, T-shirts, etc. are basically doing the same thing, only more subtly. Burger King is promoting it too...I believe Christians all over need to be informed of this wickedness that is being allowed into their homes, and parents have no idea what it really is. The pressure to be a Master Pokemon is greater on kids than having to wear Nike shoes or other brand name clothes has ever been."
--Pastor D.E.

[Comments [from Joey Faust]: Hearing about such things makes me even more convinced that Christians need to greatly consider homeschooling, and if they will own a TV, disconnect worldly programming for the sake of the whole family (2Cor.6:14-18). Not only will reading time and family relationships be greatly benefited, but children will be protected to some degree from the world's unholy enticements. There is a certain amount of "sheltering" that is necessary and Biblical (Gen.35:2). I thank the above brother for sending me his testimony. Perhaps this will alert others and convince them to rid their homes of these occult and Eastern mystical games.]

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