For we can do nothing against the truth, but for the truth.
2nd Corinthians 13:8
        The Radical Pilgrim

The Parent (god)
Mother/Child Cult expos'e
My son, fear thou the LORD and the king: and meddle not with them that are given to change:
Pr.  24:21.


Before we move on with this article we need to make it very clear from the beginning that in no way does it intend to demean or slur the beautiful God given natural affection between a mother and child.  What I intend doing is exposing the spiritual promotion of a feminine deity, with her child/partner, replacing God as our Father/Creator, paving the way for her "resurrected mystical son", the coming son of perdition to be enthroned upon the earth.


Does God Almighty change in order to fit in with our plans and concepts, or does He demand we change and conform to His image?  Is God our Maker relative in His thinking towards us, or does His counsel, the Holy Bible, standeth for ever?

Back in the early eighties when attending a pentecostal church I distinctly remember the assistant pastor bringing a sermon one evening where he mentioned over the pulpit the Holy Spirit being the feminine side of God.  As far as I know no one challenged this man (who is now out of the ministry due to immorality) about his unbiblical declaration.  Little wonder as the World Council of Churches in 1983, during it's sixth Assemble at Vancouver, was making this view official without a major outcry or any blasting from evangelical mainstream.

Just last week the United Methodist Church in Great Britain made official this years Easter prayer to a mixed gendered God, saying it was in preparation for the new millennium. The prayer will be as follows:

"God our father and mother we give you thanks for all you have done and all you have made."

This is not surprising as many mainline churches now have, in writing, common prayers to Parent God pervading the New Age anti-absoluteness contrary to God's holy word, presenting a common universal salvation for all mankind, devoid of the complete atoning work of the man Christ Jesus, experienced only through true repentance towards the living God.

Where did this teaching come from?  Who instigated it?  Why is it important that it coincides with the new millennium?

If our Bible proves to be unreliable then another authority would be necessary in dealing with truth and doctrine.  This is where subversive teaching has found platform in recent years replacing our roots in Christ with corrupted Greek hermeneutics or Hebraic / Cabbala mystics:

The corrupt Greek tree from paganism:

"Maia, the nymph of Greek mythology, who was the mother of Hermes by Zeus, the sky god."  The month of May was named after Maia, who was known as "the Queen of May ...  [and] the Jesuit effort to turn the Queen of May into the Virgin Mary was successful ..."
The Catholic Sun, May 26, 1993.

The corrupt Hebraic tree from occultism:

The vast creative Universal Mind behind all manifestation is revered as "Deity" in B.O.T.A. (the Builders Of The Adytum ...  mystical teachings of the Holy Cabbala and the sacred Tarot) as it is an appellation which is able to convey both the masculine and the feminine content of the creative intelligence.  Without duality there is no manifestation and men and women have always been regarded with equality in the Wisdom Teachings as they reflect the ancient declaration, "Let us make man in our image, after our likeness".  Any scholar able to consider even elementary Hebrew knows that the words translated as "us" contain this fundamental concept and that the Cosmic Father-Mother said, "Let us make ..."
The Great Adventure, B.O.T.A., 1982.


A confused gender:

As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them.  Is.  3:12.

Today, multitudes of men are confused about their role in society, about their role as a father ( ... the glory of children are their fathersPr. 17:6) and about their role as husbands and leaders in general (Give not thy strength unto women ...  Pr 31:3).  Very few men know who their real enemy is; the enemy who hides behind engineered confusion and intellectual smokescreens, obscuring traditional values and spiritual landmarks.  Very few men now they have a common invisible foe to combat and overcome. Because the struggle goes beyond mere physical strength and intelligence, for it is a spiritual onslaught from the supernatural realm.

Only by calling out to his Maker, through the Son, can man escape, and flee the wrath to come.

A feminine deity:

Ps 2:12;  Kiss the Son, lest he be angry, and ye perish from the way ...

A plan to unite the world  for the New World Order (Global 2000) has been adopted by The United Nations Commission on Religion based on the Wicca philosophy ...

 ... "the Earth does not belong to us, we Belong to Her!"

In this belief system  Gaia (Mother Earth's name chosen from one of the ancient pagan titles of the  earth spirit goddess) is being used to unite the 'mind programmed' populace of the world.  The object of the game is to condition every person on this planet (through television, education, and the mass media) into new age (ancient paganism, actually!) "awareness" that God and the earth / cosmos are one and the same.  By everyone being inducted into this same  awareness programme, will it draw everyone onto the same plane and into the same conscious state, uniting everyone with the same common goal of saving planet earth, thus for the better of "human" kind.

Fundamental Christianity will cause a problem, because we believe our God and the earth stand apart from each other, and mankind needs to be reconciled by looking outward to his Maker through repentance,  not by tuning into Force Gaia by looking inward and being absorbed into the "grand cosmos".  According to scripture, the only thing inward should be a conviction of sin, righteousness and judgement  (John 16:8).

Can you see the logic ...  every person relating to and worshiping the same entity.  Every person renouncing the last two thousand years and what it stood for (that's the impact of Christianity!), to be reborn into the new millennia, all with the purpose of avoiding a global catastrophe and creating a utopia here on earth.

"'Except' this global coercion and you will be saved," is  the lie.

According to reports,  the United Nations needs this paganism to justify their program of "sustainable development": their way of controlling the world's resources, depopulation, and enslaving us serfs. The plan is to force all nations into "Gaia Hypothesis". This "holds that earth is itself the deity we should worship, and the UN is the instrument through which the earth goddess will dictate our forms of devotion."

Spiritual subversion:

Today, the role of the man/father/leader is under threat on a global scale, in a way unprecedented throughout the whole history of mankind.  If you subvert the word of God in regards to God's gender, then man's function under God's order comes into question.  If this can be mass communicated on a global scale, brainwashing the whole world into this form of consciousness, then the world would be brought back under the Babel position of being lords unto themselves:
 ...  Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.  Gen. 11:6.

The only defence to withstand being swept away by this ungodly satanic tsunami, is by being anchored to the sure and steadfast word of the living God.

Substituting Father/Son:

God is who He is, a masculine deity, who begot a masculine son.  Lucifer, who perverted himself through vanity and became a bi-sexual demigod, promoting the New Age Father/Mother god, or Parent god (without gender), to confuse the role of man so that there would be a break down of biblically based order on the earth.  This would undermine the present democratic system based on these principles, and create an excuse to introduce a new draconian system.  In other words; an imposed replacement called the New World Order.  The whole idea was to get man focused on the image of another god/goddess so that Lucifer could sneak in behind the image and receive worship for himself.

To carry out this subtle plan he has had to corrupt the Word of God (2 Cor. 2:17) so that society would have no firm foundation to base its principles on.  Today, during this post Reformation era, the god of this age is using the modern translations (the watering down process) to prepare the world for the New Age translation where God is genderless.  The breaking down period begins when the role of man is put into question ...  no Father figure, then no family structure,  then society begins to degenerate.  This is where the Plan (satanic conspiracy for a new controlled order) kicks in, along with a contingency "safety net" put in place.  And this is why society has become so materialistic ...  With lot's of easy accessible goodies; from fast foods to luxury items; such as electronic goods, to redundancy packages and tax cuts, cushioning the break-down into a form of controlled anarchy.

The New Age Care Giver:

As mentioned, the conditioning for this is brought about by Lucifer getting mans eyes of the true and living God onto a unisex (or bi-sexual) god, where God is no longer the Creator who made  man first, followed by Eve as his  help meet (helpful mate), before mankind degenerated through the Fall.  This way man no longer thinks in terms of creation by a Creator, but in terms of  a force called Mother Nature (also known as Lady Luck in superstitious circles, Luc(k) short for Lucifer, as is Lucy in other circles), nurturing her evolving world/universe.

Therefore, the Father/Son relationship pictured in scripture as the basis for divine order, is replaced with the heathen Mother/Child image (easily interchanged with Parent/Child) as the basis for rebellion against the divine order.  The Father/Son relationship (the preserved line of inheritance and order) is based on the intimacy between  God and His Son.

The scene in the New Testament of the intimacy between Jesus and a disciple John, or Jesus blessing the children,  is a picture representing the Believers close walk with God the Father.  In order to experience this relationship you need to embrace Jesus (the everlasting father) and be born again:

John 1:12:  But as many as received him (the man Christ Jesus, the Son of God), to them gave he (God the Father) power to become the sons (to do with eternal inheritance ) of God, even to them that believe on his name.

History repeating itself:

The relationship between God the Father and God the Son has been from the beginning.  The  Mother/Child idea came from Babel.  The Devil invented this scheme so that it would lead the world away from remembering the Flood, and henceforth creation, therefore ultimately forgetting the Creator.  So when Nimrod (Satan's man to lead the world away from God) was killed by his uncle Shem the son of Noah, his wife Semiramis announced at the birth of her new son that God had raised Nimrod from the dead.  Calling her son Baal (the lord), after raising him  in an incestuous relationship with herself, she married Baal (her son) as co-deliverer of mankind, declaring herself the Queen of Heaven, Mother of God.

When God brought judgement on Babel and scattered mankind across the face of the earth, under a mixture of different languages creating various races, man took this cult system with him (religion has always been in the exporting business).  Today in most cultures and religions this Mother/Child cult survives, denying man access to the one and only true living God.

Nature worship:

Now the Bible has been changed in this age, allowing God to be de-sexed, the base has been set to introduce this 'new world' generic religion.  It is now just a matter of convincing the public that God is no longer "an invented He-god who punishes well meaning people and imperfect humans", "but a warm compelling force who wants to do everyone only good".  Once mankind is conditioned into this new seductive type of reasoning, the old order based on Judaeo-Christian values will naturally dispel into the past.  Therefore, it will only be a matter of time when God's plumb line, the book that ushered in the Reformation (where the Church/State System collapsed - cancelling out the Dark Ages), namely God's Authorized Bible, will be blacklisted as a hindrance to human progress along with the awkward non-compliants (dum-dee- dum-dum! ...  that's us; Bible Believing Fundies!) who follow the Book.

Lucifer worship (of the "Parent" god) will be publicly accepted through reverencing Mother Earth/Mother Nature.  This will suit everyone ...  environmentalists, evolutionists, humanists,  modernists, liberals, feminists, gays, witches, eastern thinkers, the lodges, the cabbalists, the catholics and orthodox christianites (maryology), moslems (the moon crescent), and even neo-evangelical and charismatics who believe the Holy Spirit to be the feminine side of God (this makes it impossible for God the Father begetting His Son).  Lucifer, manifested through a world leader, will be given the right to openly set up his throne on earth,  just like Hitler was made Fruehrer by a massive land-slide majority in Germany during the early thirties.

Cashless global economy:

Because this present system relies on the exchange of money to exist, and because man loves money more than God, a new system of electronic money replacing cash will be used to bring this Luciferian society into being.  For without a means of buying, selling, or trading, unless you are locked into this system, people will not be able to function and thereby will be compelled to comply.  And the chip implant in the hand mentioned in Time  magazine   replacing the smart card, will be the final step in man giving allegiance to Lucifer.  For without it, in practical terms,  no one will be able to survive unless you're putting your complete trust in the living God through His Son Jesus.

There is much debate in Christian circles whether Y2K (the computer millennium bug) will be the big excuse used to collapse the old monetary system in order to bring in a new hard and fast 'tight sealed' cashless society.  Whether it virtually happens over night by a major global collapse such as in Germany during the twenties, or on a more gradual slide (like what's happening at present), remains to be seen (scripture tends to support an  'over night' scenario).  But it will happen!  The Bible says it will!  Are we ready for the worst?  Are we on the brink of something so big and catastrophic, being only comparable with the days of Babel and  Peleg, when God scattered the whole human race and divided  the continents!?

There is no doubt God is going to divide the earth again (metaphorically speaking), before He  Raptures His true Bride!  There will be the sheep with their Shepherd in one camp, and the goats with their hirelings in the other.  There will be a radical difference between those who will stand for Him and those who will be indifferent to the truth.  Even as I write the great chasm is widening between those who worship Him in spirit and truth and those who will pay homage to Mother Earth.

We are on the brink right now!  It is upon us!  We can't and dare not change the world's position socially, religiously, or politically.  This is not our calling!  But it is God's judgement!  As God hands the world over to gross delusion He chooses His faithful in the furnace of affliction.   He has promised to stand with them as Jesus did with Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in the fiery furnace.  As He did with Stephen when he was being wasted at the beginning of the church age.  Giving His remnant this total assurance:

 ...  when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh ...

 ... whereby we cry, Abba, Father.

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