Give me the OLD Booke!

...I am a strict King James Bible reader and have been so since 1979...In between the covers of this Bible I have everything that I need to live the life that God intends for me to live. I will not compromise!! I will not even read any of the other translations, to me Satan has moved in and has totally corrupted those "New" translations! If you teach in Church and I can't find it in my King James Bible then I will not accept it...if you mix teachings of the corrupted versions with the King James Bible then I will not accept it! God gave me everything I needed in between the pages of a King James Authorized Version 1611! We have a great weakness in the Church today and that is that people are not reading the true word of God. [Amen to that my brother!] God did preserve his word and it is found in a King James Authorized Version 1611. If you want a Bible that will change your life, that will hit you head on and not pull any punches then I suggest you get a Cambridge Authorized King James Version 1611. If you want a watered down version and don't like it when someone tells you the truth then by all means get a Bible such as the New International Version, New King James Version or any of those corrupted manuscripts that came from Alexandria and Westcott & Hort! I love the Lord God with all my heart and I have alot of growing to do and I hope to share that with others.

Bro. Dale Harris
Jesus is Lord!

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