Even the Press Knows Not to Mess
with the Bible

Add thou not unto his words, lest he reprove thee, and thou be found a liar.


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My Comments

Selling the new Bible versions is big business. That's why there are always new ones popping up. It's a fad. They are ALL copyrighted so that you have to get permission and pay money to use them for any commercial endeavor--calendars, printing their version, etc. Look at God's book the Authorized King James Version--NO COPYRIGHT. The Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost made sure that it would be accessible to EVERYBODY without charge. Anybody that wants to publish the Authorized King James can without getting permission and not paying one red cent to do it.

Don't believe it's a money making scheme? Check this out. The new versions don't stop with one Bible--You've got the NIV Women's Bible, Men's Bible, Teen Bible (which tells teens that Catholics are Christian--my mother bought my sister one), Children's Bible, etc. I got a catalogue this week advertising more than 750 different kinds of bibles! Paul asked this question, "Is Christ divided?" NO! We don't need different Bibles for different people. Another name for Christ is the Word--the Word of God is not divided.

What the Press Says

The following was reported by Bible Believer's Bulletin:

The Wall Street Journal and Newsweek both came down defending the King James Bible. They mocked at the marketing gimmicks used to try to push aside the KJV, and they called for the KJV to be restored as the world standard for Biblical authority....

Here is a very useful quote from the Wall Street Journal: "To tamper with the King James Bible, based on some imagined manuscript evidence, is like adjusting Big Ben to somebody's private wrist watch."

I like that last comment because it is descriptive of exactly what is happening--loss of accuracy, change to an inferior product, unreliable, and based on man's judgement.

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