Before my conversion, I was a Roman Catholic monk for eleven (11) years as a follower of St. Francis of Assissi. I was born and brought up in a Roman Catholic family. After completing my basic secular study, I joined the seminary. After four more years of training I took the vows for obedience, celibacy and poverty as a follower of St. Francis of Assissi. In 1980 I took the final vows in the presence of the Provincial of our congregation. While I was continuing my life as a monk, by God's providence I read a Gospel tract in 1984 and I was convicted of my sins. I realized my need for my salvation through Jesus Christ. I understood that salvation is by grace alone and not by works. I made my decision for Christ and His Gospel and then I decided to leave the monastery.

When I left the priesthood of the Roman Catholic Church in 1985, my superior priest gave me 153 Indian rupees as a gift. That was the initial investment of Sathyam Publications. With that money, the first tract was printed and distributed. That was the beginning of a revolution in the Christian literature ministry.

The Lord gave me a deep urge to proclaim the truth to as many as I can. I sought fellowship with mature Christians. Then I was baptized and joined the local assembly and continued my study of the Word. I was convinced of the power of the printed page and the Lord gave me the motto of my mission: "Winning Souls through Christian Literature."

The Vision the Lord has given me

During the first five years after my conversion the Lord enabled me to write and publish 10 books and a total of 18 books up to the time writing this testimony. The Lord honored my desire to extend my ministry outside the local area and the Sathyam Literature Service Trust ("SLS") was born in the year 1988 with a vision to reach out with the Gospel on an all-India basis by mass production and distribution of Christian literature. SLS is a charitable Christian trust with five board members. So far SLS has published 214 solid Christian books. Quite a few are hardbacks. In addition, the Lord entrusted me with the responsibility to be the chief editor of "Jeeva Vachanam." This is a Christian periodical in the Malayalam language which is circulated every two weeks to over 4,500 Indians in India, the U.S.A., and the Arabian Gulf.

In 1998 SLS introduced a mobile literature unit(a fully equipped bus with five evangelists) for operation on every day of the year on an all India basis. I am also an evangelist commended by the Christian Brethren Assembly, Ullayam, Kerala.

The Lord has led me miraculously step by step from the day of my conversion about 16 years ago. My focus is still on the Roman Catholics, especially those in India.

The first booklet I published, "36 REASONS WHY I AM NOT A ROMAN CATHOLIC" was reprinted five times over and circulated to the Catholics in India. Further, I wrote and published eight other books to expose the wrong teachings of the Roman Catholicism.

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