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Romans 10:17 So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

A brother sent me the following email on 12-8-00. I personally have the Bible on cassette tape. I find it most profitable listening when I am driving to the grocery store, or anywhere. I can hear the whole book of Hebrews in one short trip. Like this brother, I keep listening to the same tape over and over again. Profitable. You can purchase the New Testament on cassette for about $15 and the whole Bible for about $45-$60. You can get good deals at Christian Book Distributors.

I thought I would write and let you know of something which I believe is helping me....

I have a hunger for more of Gods Word and often want to be reading it while doing jobs at home (where I spend most of my time) but obviously I can't read at the same time. Therefore I was interested in the Audio Bible website (I think I found it via your site). They only handle KJV (which is all I read) and I purchased the complete bible on CD ROM narrated.

I did not have the money available to do this (we are on a low income) but I figured that when David was hungry, he ate the shew bread! So I prayed and asked The Lord and afterwards I beleived that He would be happy for me to use part of my tithe which I had been saving until The Lord showed me where to send it, to make the purchase (since I was hungry for His Word).

Because I used God's money I know that I absolutely must make GREAT use of the CD ! I have been using them for a while now and have ingested many, many hours of His Word much more than I ever expected. I haven't got very far through them though (I'm about to begin Exodus!) because I listen to each chapter over and over until I know it well.

I also continue with my usual bible reading plan so that I get fresh Word daily.

I just thought I would let you know that I find them a great help and I think God will be pleased with His new investment (afterall He's already invested the live of His only begotten Son in me so whats another 200 !)

Thanks for sharing and for your service which benefits many.

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