The nineteenth century saw the advent of a Bible-correcting
movement that has lead to the introduction of numerous "new 
Bible translations."  Every translation since 1880 has been 
based largely on a "newly discovered" family of manuscripts.
These "new" manuscripts, although far less numerous and far 
less reliable than the Textus Receptus, or Universal Text, have 
been accepted by "scholars" who have used them to rewrite our 
Bible.  But is it only the pride of man that prompted this 
rewriting, or is some malignant supernatural power guiding the 
hands of these people as they take away from and add to the 
Word of God?  Below are some of the results of this satanic 
assault on the Bible.  The charts compare in brief form some 
key differences in translations influencing Christian 
doctrine. It will probably be clearer if you have a Bible 
and a perVersion on hand to compare the verses listed, but 
you can get an idea of what our fight is all about by just 
glancing down the columns.

God of the New Versions/New Age 
God of the Bible & Christianity

NASB, NIV, et al.:  Verse:        King James Bible
morning star        Is. 14:12-15   Lucifer
The Christ          Acts 5:42      Jesus Christ
divine being        Acts 17:29     The Godhead
divine nature       Rom. 1:20      The Godhead
a God               Acts 14:15     God
The Lord            Ex. 6:3        JEHOVAH
The Lord            1 Cor 16:22    Lord Jesus Christ
The Spirit          Acts 8:18      The Holy Ghost
The One             John 4:42      God, Christ, the Son
Only One            Matt. 19:17    God
The Mighty One      Josh. 50:1     The LORD GOD
a son of the gods   Dan. 3:25      Son of God
Son of Man          John 9:35      Son of God
OMITTED            I John 5:7,8    For there are three that
                                   bear record in heaven, the
                                   Father, the Word, and the
                                   Holy Ghost: and these
                                   three are one.
visions he has      Col. 2:18      visions he has not seen
seen fruit of the   Eph. 5:9       fruit of the Spirit
light and the       Rev. 21:24     and the nations of them
nations shall walk                 which are saved shall
by its light                       walk in the light of it.
king of nations    Rev. 15:3       King of saints
end of the age     Matt. 28:20     And of the world
I can do           Phil 4:13       I can do all things
everything                         through Christ which
through him who                    strengtheneth me.
gives me strength

He who was re-     1 Tim. 3:16     God was manifest in the
vealed in the flesh                flesh
he                  Luke 24:36     Jesus
He                  Matt. 4:18     Jesus
He                  Mark 2:15      Jesus
Him                 Mark 10:52     Jesus
His Kingdom         Matt. 6:33     The Kingdom of God
He                  Rev. 21:4      God
He                  1 Tim 3:16     God
He                  Gal. 1:15      God
He                  Matt. 22:32    God
his spirit          1 Cor. 14:2    the spirit
His name            Acts 22:16     the name of the Lord
His name. . .in     Rev 14:1       his father's name in
their foreheads                    their foreheads
(see Rev. 14:11!)
(image worshippers  Acts 17:2      (image worshippers
are) very religious                are) too superstitious
worship (see Rev. 9,Phil. 3:3      worship God
13, 14, 16)

The "New" Christianity
First Century Christianity

NASB, NIV,             Verses          King James Bible

Then come, follow me    Mark 10:21     and come, take up the
                                       cross and follow me
heart                   1 Pet. 1:22    pure heart
adequate                2 Tim 3:17     perfect
prosperity              Prov. 21:21    righteousness
prosper                 Jer. 29:11     peace
godliness actually is   1 Tim. 6:6     godliness with contentment
a means of great gain                  is great gain
wisdom brings success   Eccl. 10:10    wisdom is profitable to
boast                   Heb. 3:6       rejoicing
be proud                2 Cor 1:14     your rejoicing
take pride in           James 1:9      rejoice
proud confidence        2 Cor. 1:12    rejoicing
furthering the          1 Tim. 1:4     godly edifying
Thou hast made him a    Ps. 8:5        thou hast made him a
little lower than God                  little lower than the
I retract. . .          Job 42:6       I abhore myself
Our humble state        Phil. 3:21     our vile bodies
man shall not live on   Luke 4:4       That man shall not live
bread alone                            by bread alone, but by
                                       every word of God

      Salvation by Works
Salvation through faith in Jesus Christ

NASB, NIV .             Verses          King James Bible

Children, how hard it   Mark 10:24      Children, how hard it is
is to enter the                         for them that trust in
kingdom of God                          riches to enter into the
                                        kingdom of God
By standing firm you    Luke 21:19      in your patience possess
will save yourself                      ye your souls
obey                    Eph. 2:8        believe
faithfulness            Gal. 5:22       faith
OMITTED                 Rom. 11:6       But if it be of works then
                                        it is no more grace:
the gospel              Rom 1:16        the gospel of Christ
in whom we have         Col. 1:14       in whom we have redemption
redemption                              through his blood
faith                   Rom. 3:25       through faith in his blood
who believes            Mark 9:42       believe in me
whosoever believes      John 3:15       whosoever believeth in him
he who believes has     John 6:47       He that believeth on me
everlasting life                        hath everlasting life
calling on His name     Acts 22:16      calling on the name of the
Neither is circumcision Gal. 6:15       For in Christ Jesus
anything                                neither circumcision
                                        availeth any thing
I bow my knees before   Eph 3:14        I bow my knees unto the
the Father                              Father of our Lord Jesus
an heir of God          Gal. 4:7        an heir of God through
God who created all     Eph. 3:9        God who created all things
things                                  by Jesus Christ
the Father              Eph. 3:11       our Father of the Lord
                                        Jesus Christ
every spirit that does  1 John 4:3      And every spirit that
not acknowledge Jesus                   confesseth not that Jesus
is not from God                         Christ is come in the
                                        flesh is not of God: and
                                        this is that spirit of

It should be apparent now that these watered-down translations 
of corrupted manuscripts by reprobate humans *are*not*Bibles*.  
If you want the Word of God, get a King James Bible, which
was translated from the authentic texts (NOT from "newly 
discovered" manuscripts) which God has preserved throughout 
the centuries.  Christian doctrine cannot be based upon or 
defended by the writings in the new perVersions.

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