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Hello, and welcome to Children's Bible Stories On-Line! All of these true Bible stories are adapted from the Authorized King James Version of the Holy Bible. The Lord Jesus gave us a permanent record of what happened in days gone by so that we can have examples of His power to save us and help us.

On this page, we'll read about the Lord Jesus who is our Saviour from our sins. We'll also read about kings, evil men/witches/giants, and men and women of God. We'll even read about the creation of the earth and other exciting things! Some of you dear teachers asked us for some

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There are so many stories to tell! We will continue to add more Bible stories to this list. May the Lord Jesus bless you as you read these true stories. I like to call them accounts. If you have any questions, you can write to Mrs. Tracy.

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The Only Wise God and Saviour Jesus Christ.

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Keywords: Children's Bible Stories, Bible Stories, children's, Bible, stories, KJV, King James Version 1611, King James Bible

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