Dr. Jack Kevorkian: A Serial Killer on the Loose

Keywords: assisted suicide, Dr. Jack Kevorkian, mercy killing, euthanasia.

There is a way that seemeth right unto a man,
but the end thereof are the ways of death.


Euthanasia is a Euphemism for Murder     It pulls at our heart strings to see someone in extreme pain. We usually consider pain to be a bad thing, a negative thing. Jack Kevorkian knows this and so does Satan. These two partners are preying on our weakness and ignorance. Ignorance? Yes. Pain is not always bad. Unpleasant, yes. Bad, no.

Let me give you an example. A perfectly healthy, unsaved person gets brain cancer. The pain is extreme. They lie in the hospital bed day and night. The television is no solace. The job, fancy clothes, social status no longer mean anything. The pain is almost unbearable. What do many people do in such circumstances?

Some ask why and some call out to Jesus to help them. Some reach over to that nightstand and pull out that Gideon Bible. Some call for that chaplain down the hall. Some ask a saved friend, co-worker or saved family member to come by and pray for them. They listen intently as the gospel is shared. They realize that hell is facing them at death. They make some preparations to die--they call on the name of the Lord.

Yes, the pain is still bad, but they feel Jesus so close to their discomfort that they're glad they got sick because they got saved. By the grace of God, some will walk out of the hospital fine. By that same grace, some will go home to glory. In either case, they are better for their experience.

Now what happens when a woman, such as Jack Kevorkian's first patient, THINKS she MIGHT have Alzheimer's disease and elects suicide because she doesn't want to burden her family? Though Kevorkian's patient didn't experience any pain from her illness, it is probable that she is experiencing eternal pain right now because she didn't know Jesus. She was afraid of what others may think of her in her ill condition--but when we are vulnerable, isn't that when Jesus shows Himself mighty? He said, "My strength is made perfect in weakness."

How is Satan able to use people like Kevorkian to perform murder? How is Satan able to short-circuit that most basic human instinct called survival? I have some thoughts: 1) The person must be convinced that life has no meaning (or negative meaning) and can never have meaning 2) The person must believe that death is better than living. But how can he make people think like this?

Well, Satan blinds minds on many different levels for many years: television, school curricula, movies, music, pleasures of the flesh, interpersonal relationships, ungodly parentage, abuse, academics, etc. He has a hook and bait for whatever a person's interest is to keep them from taking time out to see Jesus. They foolishly go along with Satan. When it comes time to suffer, they listen to the one who's been tricking them all along. He leads them to hell like the Pied Piper leading the rats to their slaughter.

You may say, "Jack Kevorkian is a kind, compassionate man interested in helping others." I say look at the following and then tell me you don't see a serial killer possessed by devils:

  • He has admittedly performed at least 45 "assisted" suicides (murders)
  • As a medical resident, he wore a black arm band and asked to work the night shift because more patients died then. He tried to photograph patients' eyes at the moment of death.
  • Co-workers nicknamed him Dr. Death, while he called his ghastly work "the death rounds."
  • He's an artist, whose works are filled with organs, severed heads, maggots, blood, bullets, skulls, suffering, and cannibalism.
  • Painted a Christmas picture of Santa's boot crushing a baby lying in a fire place.
  • Painted a picture entitled, "Give Us This Day," depicting a half-man/ half-baby eating the flesh off a decomposing corpse.
  • Advocated medical experimentation on death-row inmates -- cost him his job at the University of Michigan Medical Center.
  • Suggested that condemned prisoners be allowed to auction off their internal organs.
  • Suggested that anyone sentenced to more than three years in prison be given the option of assisted suicide.
  • At Pontiac General Hospital, he experimented with transfusing blood from corpses into live patients. (One patient, Neal Nicol got such a severe case of hepatitis from cadaver blood that his eyeballs turned orange.)
  • Mixed cadaver blood with his own and used it to paint the frame for one of his works.
  • Tried to organize an exhibit of Adolf Hitler's artwork
  • Said carbon monoxide gives corpses a "rosy glow"
  • Said Jesus Christ would have been better off dying in the back of his rusty van (where he used to perform murder)

Kevorkian has been acquitted multiple times for his crimes (assisted suicide is against the law in Michigan where he "practices"). It is bizarre that he is able to flagrantly break the law like that. I perceive that if he were a witchdoctor, Santero, or medicine man, he would have been locked up a long time ago. I think that a combination of things contribute to his continued freedom (it won't last always, Satan is tricking Kevorkian too)--

  1. people are bewitched by him, not even considering that he is killing many people who are not sick OR in pain, just depressed. Even for those that are in pain, he is KILLING them.
  2. he is a Ph.D., a doctor, an MD, a practitioner. We're oftentimes impressed by some fancy titles
  3. he appears calm and sensitive
  4. he looks distinguished and proficient.

But doesn't the Bible say that Satan HIMSELF appears as an angel of light? Is it in vain that the Bible tells us that it is no great feat if his servants appear as ministers of righteousness?

The man is a monster! He said that the only way to stop him from killing people is to burn him at the stake.

There are other health care professionals who are killing people too. They're just quiet about it. The following quote is taken from an article by Jeff Hooten published in The Christian View of the News:

A recent survey of intensive-care nurses revealed that one in five admitted to performing euthanasia, assisting in a suicide, or withholding life-sustaining treatment. Another 40 percent said they wanted to help patients die but didn't, typically for fear of getting caught.

Of the 852 nurses who responded to the survey, 58 said they had taken a patient's life at least once without the patient's urging.

Kevorkian and other "right to die" supporters say America merely needs to implement strict guidelines like those in the Netherlands where physicians have practiced euthanasia for more than a decade.

Studies have shown, however, that the guidelines are routinely ignored. Some Dutch doctors have administered lethal drugs without the patient's consent. Citizens have taken to carrying "Do not euthanize" cards in case they are rendered unconscious or comatose. Perfectly healthy patients have requested aid in dying simply because they were depressed.

Let's end with a quote from Rita Marker, executive director of the International Anti-Euthanasia Task Force:

"There will be those who will be Kevorkian with class. They will look respectable. They will sound respectable. Their patients will be just as dead."

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Keywords: Dr. Jack Kevorkian, assisted suicide, euthanasia, mercy killing, serial killer.