"Ain't Nothin'
Wrong with the NIV!"
I received several e-mails from a gentleman who zealously defends the NIV. I responded to his initial questions, but he skimmed over my response and hit me with a flurry of statements like, "you worship the translators". How does one respond to this foolishness? One does not (II Timothy 2:14, II Timothy 2:16-17, II Timothy 2:23, Proverbs 26:4)...so I did not answer the e-mail.

The following message is an excerpt of the last e-mail message I sent to this gentleman (after he asked me if I was going to answer his last round of "questions" or should I say, "accusations"?). This is also my response to all who just want to argue me down.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

...I believe that in your zeal to defend the modern versions, you are not interested in the facts of the matter, at least not at this point. Perhaps one day a brother or sister will show you something that will blow your mind like how the NIV calls Satan Jesus in Isaiah or how Mark 1:2-3 in the NIV is wrong or how the NIV strips away some of the most important verses concerning the Deity of Jesus Christ [go here for a few specifics]. But then again, that would require that you listen.

Alas, as I stated in my last e-mail to you, my page bespeaks my position. If you want to debate, read my page, my thoughts are there. If you want increased understanding of where I'm coming from, write and I will answer.

The bottom line? If you want to read the NIV, that's on you. As I said before [in a previous e-mail], I'm not interested in converting hard core, debating folks like you. I am interested in sharing with those who want to consider a thing and judge whether it be right or wrong in light of the scriptures...There are plenty of people out there that will argue with you, I'm just not one of them.

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