Me & the Teens Talk Evolution

For every house is builded by some man; but he that built all things is God.

Hebrews 3:4

Last night (Monday, 3-18-97) at our youth group meeting we had a little talk about evolution. I asked the kids,

"How do scientists say the world began?"

"They say it was a big explosion."

"Yeah, they say some rocks hit each other and blew up and life started and kept going."

You could tell by their faces that they didn't believe it. They shook their heads at how such a fairy tale could be believed. I asked,

"What would happen if this church blew up?"

"It would be destroyed, nothing but rubble." said one matter of factly.

"It wouldn't exist." said another.

"Right." I continued, "Then how in the world could anyone believe that a cataclysmic explosion could generate life?"

"It can't."

I situated myself on top of the desk where I sat, "Let's think about this thing. From one event we get monkeys, dogs, cats, worms, horses, duckbill platypi, butterflies, amoebas, whales, turtles, wombats, snakes, deer, lions, antelope, jaguars, cheetahs, sea cucumbers, cows--"

"Miss Tracy?"

"Yes?" My eyebrows go up. I'm not usually interrupted.


I chuckle. "Absolutely! Plants, photosynthesis, oxygen, carbon dioxide, the elements, grass, roses, daffodils, onions, lettuce, fertile soil, the evaporation cycle, organized food chains, instinct, male, female, bats..."

My mouth was just going to town naming everything that came into my mind. The kids just sat looking wide-eyed. "The solar system, sun, moon, Jupiter, laws of gravity, colors, sight, sound, touch, taste, deserts, forests, Antarctic, foxes, squirrels, birds, flies, beetles, lady bugs, moles, gold, emeralds, silver, gerbils, hamsters, iguanas, crocodiles, clouds..."


"Wow!" flew across the room as we were all in wonder of our magnificent God. He is sovereign and above all and every flighty fairy tale man (the creature) can conjure up. God made His creation so complex and wondrous that it can be attributed to no one but Him. I didn't even name the tip of the iceberg on God's creation and wondrous works.

It takes MORE faith to believe the religion of Evolution than to believe God made everything after its own order. But as with all false religions, Evolution's priests (scientists & lay people) will insist upon its truth in order to keep their jobs/faith despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

When you look at documentaries and textbooks, scientists continually say things like, "This species probably lived between 25 and 50 million years ago." [that's a big gap ain't it?] or "We believe this species migrated to a warmer climate." One of the biggest tricks they've come up with is tying dinosaurs to evolution. If somebody finds some huge bones that are real, they belonged to some big animal. Dinosaur bones don't prove evolution. They prove that there was some big animals running around. I place no confidence in man--including myself. A fancy degree and a Ph.D. don't mean a person knows the truth.

To me, the biggest miracle of all is how Jesus was able to pay the price for sins that are supposed to take us to hell for eternity. He paid eternity for me so that I will NEVER put one toe in the lake of fire. Don't you know that I'm going to spend my life serving Him? For He is worthy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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