The KJV vs. Modern Bibles

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Bro. Jeff Johnson has graciously submitted this outstanding white paper for our publication. It clearly demonstrates the devilish, sensual spirit behind the modern versions--ALL of them. Bro. Jeff told us a little about the undertaking of this work:
"I spent 3 years researching and writing a manuscript which defends the King James. I studied 44 sources, & went thru 3,100 pages of research. (Not to mention reading the texts of these new versions)."

I am VERY happy to be able to provide this well-annotated treatise for your consideration. Bro. Jeff includes a helpful list of references at the end of his treatise. Find out:

This treatise is in .txt format, but PLEASE don't let that prevent you from carefully considering it. If you can't read it all at one sitting you can (1) print it out, (2) download it, or (3) come visit with us again and complete your reading.