The Catholic Church
is Spiritually Dead

[T]here be some that trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of Christ.


Dear Friends in Christ:

I am a former Roman Catholic who was saved while a junior in college. For eight years after that I remained a Catholic but over time I realized how spiritually dead that church truly is. For the last seven years my family and I have been attending a fundamentalist evangelical church. My wife and I were baptised by full immersion and given the right hand of fellowship eight months after we first attended. It did not take long for us to realize that no church can be truly Christ centered unless they hold Biblically sound doctrine. We have been richly blessed by being part of a body of Bible believing Christians.

I am burdened for the salvation of my Catholic family and friends. They are greatly blinded by the false doctrines of the Catholic church. They often refuse to accept the truth of the Bible because of their faith in Catholic dogma. Thank you for using the internet to refute these false doctrines and reach out to people who have been so misled.

May God bless you.


We praise the Lord for every soul He has delivered from Romanism. We thank this dear brother in Christ for graciously allowing us to share his testimony and pray it will be an encouragement to others. Please go to our index page for more testimonies (priests, nuns, and laypeople) and information on the Catholic religion.

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