What are your kids watching?

This ol' wicked world is programming children to accept Satan. Revelation tells us that the time will come when the whole world will worship the Beast and Satan--OUTRIGHT. They will know exactly who and what they worship.

Most unbelievers have been scared of Satan but this is changing day by day. Satan is now being glorified in rock music, and I ain't just talking heavy metal. The Rolling Stones have been long heralded as Lucifer's representatives as they have been directly singing about Satan for decades. Satan is using a multipronged approach to hooking the fools he's taking to hell. He ain't proud, he'll use anything from Wicca (which is supposedly white witchcraft) to Palo Mayombe, to "Earth is my Mother" New Age mumbo jumbo, to the religion of Atheism, to Science, to Psychology, to Education to KID'S SHOWS. He is quickly getting the world that rejects Christ to worship his old defeated self.

Not only is he hooking the hellbound, he is hooking professing Christians too! We get lots of e-mail and so many Jesus-claiming folks think just like this ol' wicked world. "Rock music is not that bad," or "What's wrong with country line dancing in Vacation Bible School," or "The scholars say the NASV is the best." Since when do "scholars" dictate what is right or wrong? Isn't that up to God? I'll leave this alone--I'd be here all day otherwise.

The following links are for your consideration and have been compiled to galvanize us to think through what we are doing and exposing ourselves and our children to.

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See the section entitled, "Movie Reviews". Learn about Casper, Hercules, Pocahontas, Matilda, Contact, Lion King, Prince of Egypt, Tarzan, Star Wars, etc.

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