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A number of our readers write recommending their favorite books. I enjoy a good book--when I have the time to read outside the Good Book (which is the best Book in the world!). Welcome to our humble little library of book & video reviews. I expect it shall include a hodge-podge of literature including Christian and some older classic works. If you'd like to contribute a review, please e-mail us and let us know:
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  • Bible version the author uses, if given. Non-King James are NOT excluded, we just want readers to know this info before purchasing.
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If you are missing some of the information, just give us the book title and author.

Please note that not all of these will be favorable reviews. I will make note of the works that I have personally read or seen.

Book Title: Vanya
Review by: Graham

This is about a Russian conscript called Vanya Moiseyiev (I have probably spelt his surname wrong), he was a young man who found himself doing his time in the Russian army in the late 60's early 70's. Anyway he loved Jesus and prayed a great deal, enjoying some good times with the Lord.

As he joined the army he found it hard to pray, but found time whenever he could, which did not interfere with his army times, in fact he did his best in the forces that he could.

Anyway eventually he ended up before the polikt officer and faced some fierce interrogations. Everywhere he went he did his best to do the things that Jesus asked him to. He had visions of angels to strengthen him. His first punishment was to stand in the cold (minus twenties) all night and pray, a sarcastic way of helping him, he had to do this in his summer uniform.

All night he prayed and never once felt the cold upon him. Another time working under a large lorry it rolled across him crushing his arm and right lung, he was sure to die.

The next morning the doctor came in and he was completely healed, the doctor became a believer. Another time he was challenged during a lecture, publicly, that if his God was so great arrange Him to let me have this weekend off. Scared, he prayed and God said to tell the Sergeant that he would have the weekend off.

Anyway the camp officers heard about this and sent Vanya away on a driving mission for the week so he could not arrange anything, when he came back literally hundreds of soldiers met him laughing and shouting.

Apparently a draft notice had come through from the Army HQ, the sergeant had been allowed some time off which he had not been given and he was to go this weekend, when the officers heard they tried to race to the train to stop it but just missed the train! The night before Vanya had told the sergeant of some believers in the town where he lived.

On and on it goes until finally the young man at 23 was killed during interrogation. The official story was that he drowned in a lake, his coffin arrived welded shut, his parents (mother mainly) ordered the coffin be opened, at first she did not recognize Vanya he was so badly beaten, he had his jaw broken, burns (from a chemical) on his chest and three puncture holes leading to his heart for tubes to drain away the blood from him while he lived, his foot had been frozen solid in a small freezer unit as well as integration.

The way the story got out is that a couple of weeks before his eath he was sent home to spend sometime to think about his position, his brother was told to try and talk him out of it (he was in the army as well). His parents although upset knew he had to do what Jesus wanted him to do. He recorded all that had happened to him to date on tapes and the story was written down and finished of after his death.

The Good News? Well most of his army unit became firm believers and after his death the army figured that by splitting up the unit they would destroy the faith, but of course they just sent a good number of evangelists all across the Russian army! The book is a real inspiration.

Video Title: New Age Bible Versions
Review by: Brian

Dear T + T, you 2 have to see this video, if you haven't already.

Considering what is on your site about the different bible perversions and the King James, you probably have seen this video [1], but if you haven't....take my word, you must see it!!!!!!!

It is an interview with the author of the book, "New Age Bible Versions" Gail Riplinger. I have read many (most) of the stuff on your site and some things to others sites that you've linked me too, but this video is awesome and had a few things that weren't pointed out or that takes too much time to read. I have watched it 3 times since I got it in the mail Friday (ordered from and I have watched it with 2 Christians. 1 threw away NIV and is going to buy a AKJV. The other is going to start using her KJV and only use NIV when in church.

If you recall I mentioned that people in my church don't like this discussion and we just argued, well after seeing this video I have plans of watching it with all the Pastors and elders in the church, I am not giving up. I have heard that the NIV, NKJV, NASV, etc are linked to the devil and New Age, but to be honest you hear so much about this stuff from EVERYTHING, (no offense to Baptists, but tend to be legalists [2]) I never considered it. I had always thought that new versions were just full of errors. Not any more!!!!! After watching this video I am TOTALLY SICKENED by anything that is not AKJV of 1611. I am honestly going to talk to my Pastor and Asst. Pastors from church and I think (with prayer of course) I am going to leave the church. This is how much the Lord has affected me thorough this interview with Gail Riplinger.

I don't know if you know anything about her, but she was asked about how much time was put into this research on the subject. She answered 6 years from 4-12 hours a day, usually closer to 12. WOW!!! I honestly believe this. If anyone calls themself a Christian and can watch this video and still want to use the newer versions I have very little respect for them. She talked about how Christ and Son of God and Lord are removed. And on and on and on about how there are not just errors, there is stuff (many, many) that support all the teachings of new age. She pointed out how in Revelation they talk about the false prophet and how the "whole world" is deceived and she correlates this into these new versions. Anyway I am just blown away right now and my friend and I are already looking for a KJV church, today!!!!!

I have never felt this strong about something before. I, after reading you literature and watching this video am SICKENED by these bibles....Ican't even fathom the idea that these are IN ANY WAY God inspired. The things that are left out and added can in no we be of God, they can only be of SATAN, and I don't, from this day on, want anything to do with any Bible supported by satan and his followers.

To sum this letter up.......WATCH THIS VIDEO. Best 19.95 I have ever spent. GLORY BE TO GOD!!!!! This woman is a saint. I love how you answer people's criticism to your preserving and defending the KJV, "why don't you do something more important". I, like you, don't see how anyone can question trying to preserve God's Word, the most important book in the world, the Book on which we base EVERYTHING ON!!! Everything.....How is something that EVERYTHING is based on and preserving it and trying to keep it pure and out of the hands of the devil not useful......Well anyway. Highly recommended!!!! Praise be to your site and chick and Gail Riplinger.


[1] I haven't seen the video, but I have read the book. It was EXTREMELY informative. It came out in 1993, I believe. I had the privilege of hearing and interviewing Ms. Riplinger a couple of month's ago at the King James Bible Conference in North Carolina.

[2] Interesting comment. The reason independent Baptist seem to be legalists is because they read the King James Bible. If you find a hard core King James person, they have high standards of holiness, soulwinning, missions, etc. I have noticed a definite difference in attitude between King James people and NIV people. I had a former NIV reading young man tell me that after he started reading the King James, he felt like God was really talking to him through the scriptures and saying "Wake up boy! This is what you need to do!" I'm not into denominations but the independent Baptist churches (as a group) are one of the last strongholds of biblical Christianity though unfortunately I've found quite a bit of racism in some of them.

Video Title: Catholicism: Crisis of Faith
Review by: Tracy (webservant)

Excellently done video. A powerful presentation which includes the testimony of former priests and nuns. Makes you want to shout when they talk about the blood of the Lamb redeeming them from Romanism. The video divides the tenets of Catholicism into some of the major heresies--e.g., the role of Mary, the mass, statues, etc. It is done in a "sensitive" manner while at the same time getting to the point. I highly recommend it. I have used it in teaching teenagers as well as adults. If used in a group setting, it is most effective to use it over two meetings--it's an hour long. After each segment of the video, play tic-tac-toe to help solidify the facts in everybody's mind--

  1. As the leader, watch the video segment before hand.
  2. Compile nine questions that are answered on the video.
  3. After the group watches the segment, divide group into two teams.
  4. Draw a big tic-tac-toe on a board or piece of paper
  5. Label each box 1 through 9 so it looks like this:
        1|    2|    3
        4|    5|    6
        7|    8|    9
  6. First team picks a number and you read the question associated with that number. If they get it right, they get their x or o. Play then passes to the other team. Continue until game is over.

This video can be purchased from Chick Publications.

Video Title: Debates and Seminar 1 featuring Creation Scientist Dr. Kent Hovind
Review by: Brian

I recently ordered 3 videos from Kent Hovind, They were AWESOME!! I ordered the debate 1 and 2 and the seminar 1. They were pretty inexpensive and if you haven't seen them I highly recommend them. They are very long but very beneficial and time and money well spent. Debate #1 is overall the best debate because it covers every aspect of evolution with a hostile croud of evolutionists/atheists that are very knowledgeable and some even are professors. So you are seeing a good overall idea that the idea of evolution compared to creation even among the "experts" is still a factless and totally religious philosophy. So if you are watching the video with a non-Christian, this is the best one. If you see this you will quickly notice Kent's total calmness and mannerisms in his presenting his truth and in refuting people's comments remaining calm, even when they are not calm and being rude. Several times students or professors got a little edgy and he, in his usual way, came back with a cute little saying and some facts to shut them up.

This man is truly blessed and tremendously gifted intellectually. The Lord is truly using his ministry to spread the truth, which he also gives the gospel several times and notes the hazardous affects of teaching evolution on society and incorporates God (through Christ, of course) as the only logical choice. Anyway, if you are watching it amongst believers or for your own education, watch the Seminar #1. This is done in a church and it is "hilarious". This guy should do stand up. He is very very funny and incorporates humor (much more than in the others) in presenting the truths of creationism.

He, for obvious reasons, gets much more into the Biblical interpretations and applying it to Christians' lives. Along those lines check out, this another site along the lines of Hovind's and It is actually alot bigger with alot more articles. You could maybe use some of this stuff for your site (though I think you have plenty on evolution already).


I have seen seminar #1 (not the debates) and I loved it! Very well done. Out of the seminar tapes that I've seen thus far, I like #1 the best and found it the most useful.

Video Title: Hell's Bells
Review by: Tracy

This excellently done video is about the goons that form rock music. Though it primarily deals with heavy metal music, they have ample segments on "soft rock" and pop too. As I recall, it is about four hours long. There is so much blasphemy I cannot watch it too many times. If your mind is tender DO NOT WATCH THIS. It is a real eye opener for many and the man who narrates it makes many profound points. When he uses scriptures it does not come from the King James Bible, but the video is more than worthwhile anyway. The kids that are listening to this trash are literally crazy and when you see this video you can begin to understand why their minds are totally reprobate and the devil lives in them. The narrator, Eric, reveals the backmasking (and worse like in the Highway to Heaven clip the devils help them sing forward and backward which is literally impossible), the lyrics, facts behind the music and more. I used to love me some secular music but now when I look at the "stars" I just see a bunch of goons. Did you know that the Rolling Stones have been called Lucifer's Representatives? They got a song all about him...

Book Title: Unseen Hands
Review by: Eric

I have just read a book called, "Unseen Hands" which is a true story written by Nona Freeman. The book is about a gentleman named Teklemariam and how he found the Lord and the Lord found him. The book describes the revivals of Ethiopia. From the beginning to the end, the book grabs you and doesn't let go! I highly suggest it!

Book Title: The Revised Quote Book
Review by: Brian

Thought I'd drop a quick review on a book that can be obtained from brother Hovind's web site, It is called "The Revised Quote Book". It features 130 quotes, all from professed evolutionists. I'm talking professors of biology, anthropology, palentology, etc at prestigous schools such as Harvard and Oxford. Big names like Darwin, Niles Eldridge and Stephen Gould. The last 2 invented this new theory against Darwinism called punctated equillibrium. The point is that these very respected and highly authoritive men in the evolution faith are quoted numerously stating that many of the aspects of evolution to be fautly and non-factual.

This book is only 27 pages long and is something like 3$!!!!!! I honestly mean this when I say this is the most useful book/video/tape that I have ever seen in witnessing to the lost who put their faith in the idiotic belief of evolution. It is sooooo easy to use, having the quotes all laid out in category, in a way that is very convenient for witnessing. I was showing a guy at work this, and said take your pick, give me something that you think (he was an evolutionist) that says evolution occured or that Genesis and the Bible are wrong. He mentioned carbon dating being 100% accurate. I turned to the part on Carbon C-14 dating, having yet to even read this part at this point, and quoted him an evolution expert admitting that they have dated LIVING snails to be 27,000 years old by Carbon dating......he shut up real quick!!!!! Again, very short (read whole book in a few hours), extremely useful, and EXTREMELY CREDIBLE. All these quotes are from atheistic, evolution believing, totally legit scientist that believe in evolution. They are just admitting, what so many people don't realize and what Kent Hoving and others keep reiterating, THAT EVOLUTION IS A BELIEF, NOT SUPPORTED BY ANY FACTS OR SCIENCE!!!!! That is a fact, and this books very plainly illustrates this, from the "experts".

III John 1:4 I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.

Love Bro, Brian.

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