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I published a response to a newsgroup question, "Is Jesus God?" and the following is a second e-mail from the writer. I've done a few edits for readibility (like put titles in my response), but otherwise, these e-mails are in tact. I don't particularly care for newsgroups or chatrooms, nonetheless, they are vehicles for responsible interchange with some in the midst of many scoffers.

The E-mail

Dear T & T

Thanks for your reply to my E-mail dated the 08/06/97 [June 8]. This is certainly a very difficult issue to word , some might say that if God allmighty 'put on flesh' then did he sercome [sucumb] to the sinns of the 'mortal flesh',while God 'was Jesus' did he ever have any immoral thoughts.That is to say that did the Lord God sin on Earth??

I would like to hear your thoughts on the Holy Trinty, how you think this was possible , that God exicted [existed] in three States on Earth.

What your thoughts are on the Old Testements... From Creation throu God Walking on this Planet . What your Christain Beliefs are ,and where they Growth from?


My response:

[Aside: Please bear with me as I put titles to my response so that readers could more easily follow what I was driving at.]

Did Jesus Sin?

Thank you for writing with your interesting questions. The Bible tells us that God made "He that knew no sin to be sin for us." Jesus was even able to say to His enemies, "Which of you convinceth me of sin?" None could answer. No, Jesus did not sin but was made a sin offering for us.

The Bible does tell us that Jesus "was tempted in like points" as we, yet He remained without sin. Temptation is not sin. Satan came to Jesus in the wilderness with temptation, yet Jesus did not give in. James chapter 1 tells us "every man is tempted when he is drawn away of his own lust and enticed. Then WHEN lust hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin."

But Some Might Say...

In terms of what people say, that is of no consequence to me because the Bible is the only place that I find out God's words and it is HIS words that matter. Jesus said "I am the TRUTH", so if I want to know the truth, I've got to go to the Bible and it tells me that Jesus did not sin.

The Trinity

In terms of the trinity, it is very easy for me to comprehend and we find this idea of the trinity throughout the Bible beginning with Genesis as the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters and Genesis 1:26 where God says, "Let US make man in OUR image, after OUR likeness..." We are indeed made in the image of God in that we have dominion over the earth He created for us and the fact that we ourselves are tri-partite.

My hand is a part of my flesh and me, yet it is not my emotion. My intellectual abilitiy is a part of me, yet it is not me in whole. My body, spirit and mind are all distinct, yet combined they make me who I am. God is also tri-partite, but He is the Creator and quite different; nonetheless, He allows our little brains to understand something about His nature through ourselves and His creation. There are many scriptures that testify to the tri-unity of God and it is no great shakes that each Member can operate in His own sphere.

Come On, Could God Really Become a Man?

How could God become a man? Some lessons from Dolly the sheep. I read in Time Magazine how they did the cloning. They took a cell from the first sheep's udder. This cell contained her DNA. This sheep was a white-faced sheep. They took a cell from a second sheep and emptied the cell of it's DNA. This sheep was black-faced. They fused the DNA of the white sheep into the empty cell of the black sheep and THEN put the new cell into a THIRD black faced sheep where it became an embryo and was born a replica of the first WHITE-faced sheep. There was no sperm involved.

There are two important items to see here. FIRST of all, the essence of the first sheep was put, eventually, into another sheep. Is this not what the Bible says of Jesus? That He poured out His glory to become one of us? Was He not supplanted into the womb of a virgin who had not had relations with a man? This leads to the SECOND point--Dolly, the replica sheep, resulted from a birth without sperm, which is EXACTLY what happened with Jesus Christ. So many scientists have laughed at the virgin birth in the past, but now look at artificial insemination and Dolly! Of course, the media is not going to bring up this point, but that's okay--the Bible says it all.

Who is the Trinity to You?

Each person of the Godhead is important to me, personally. There are so many reasons. As I read the scriptures, I hear each one speaking to me. In the Bible, the Holy Ghost speaks words, the Father speaks words and the Son speaks words. I was going to try to sum up what each one means, but I don't want to leave anything out--the Bible speaks for itself.

What are Your Christian Beliefs and Where Do They Come From?

If you've read my testimony on this site, you'll know that I did not grow up in a Christian household. I was wild in college--and some time thereafter. I picked up a tract as a kid and asked Jesus to save me not knowing all that it meant, but just wanting to escape hell. I believe that for the Lord, that was good enough to secure me until I understood better. In 1991 when I was 25 years old, I found the same gospel tract on the desk of a co-worker. In a couple of months, I ordered more tracts and then began an insatiable appetite for the Bible. I stopped attending a Methodist church where I had been going (I always knew church was respectable) and kept looking for a church that was teaching in accordance with what I was reading.

My search ended when my Jewish roommate, who I'd been witnessing to, decided to find us a church. I ended up at a Bible church. Soon after I got there, I began teaching children--the Lord took me through His own school--the Bible. I know that the Bible is the truth. When I tell people that I used to be wild, they cannot seem to believe me--not even my husband. I know the effect that the Bible has. It washed me brand, shiny new and it revolutionized my life.

I do not trust to my own assumptions or to those of other people, I trust in the Lord ALONE because I know what I am without Him and I know that anybody that doesn't want Jesus is a fool that needs God's grace to be saved. In this world's eyes, I was probably doing alright--educated, manners, etc. but in God's eyes I was a failure--worldly and self-centered. Praise be to the Lord Jesus Christ that now my eyes have been opened and I can share love and the Good News with others.

My husband and I recently left the Bible church--some of the story is found on the site at

In terms of the Bible, Old Testament and New--I unequivocally believe it all, I've read it and the Lord has shown me a lot of things, Praise be the Lord. First of all, being a Christian isn't about a lot of rules and regulations. It's about freedom! Freedom to be free from sin, freedom to know the living God, freedom to have His help in times of trouble, freedom to enjoy His creation, freedom to love, freedom to know the truth. I'm telling you, I used to think being a Christian was about restriction--that is a lie. It is about FREEDOM. And glory be to God, I ain't goin' to hell, either! Hallelujah, praise the Lord Jesus Christ.

I had some traumatic surgery yesterday, but praise be to the Lord Jesus Christ I could pull that gauze out of my sinus cavity today and be writing this e-mail. Do you want to know who I am? Somebody who LOVES Jesus Christ. Thanks for writing. Please feel free to write anytime.

In Jesus' Name,

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