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Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed

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[NOTE: This Awana article was written sometime ago, but I wish to update it with this short note. Awana has made a number of changes that I do not like, specifically: (1) offering materials in New King James (2) Awana Cross-trainers in NKJV only, (3) the overhaul of Awana JVs making different materials for different kids in the same group, (4) the softening of Bible principles--in the Awana Varsity manual it says, "If you're normal, you sin everyday." I don't like this one bit. The JV starting blocks are now full of graphics and colors and have taken out a lot of the wonderful verses that were previously used.

I suggest to our readers that if your church is going to start an Awana club that you request the older materials--if you can still get them. If you use the older Awana materials you may not be prepared for the regional Bible quizzing, but you will have solid discipleship material which is the purpose of Awana to me.]

Awana is a weekly evangelical and discipleship program for children based on II Timothy 2:15:

Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

Leaders and kids get together once a week for Bible study and memorization, games, counseling, etc. All the materials and games are prepared and ready for godly leadership to use. Awana, which is a worldwide program, is run by local churches and can include children from 3 years old through high school.

At our church, we run Club, JVs and Varsity. Let me give you an example of our regular meetings for JVs :

(Aside: Awana has posted rules on how one can talk about their organization so I've deleted Awana names of activities that we conducted. )

We also take the children on outings (e.g., a mission or a pizza night at the church) and have them participate in the annual Awana Olympics and Bible Quizzing.

As a Girls' Director and Leader in Awana Clubs, I've seen firsthand the impact that the word of God can have on a child's life. Kids are getting saved and growing in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. Many of the children in our program are A students. I believe this is because of the clarity of mind that comes with studying God's word.

If you want to find the Awana Club nearest you or get information about starting Awana at your church, you can contact: Awana, One East Bode Road, Streamwood, Illinois 60107 or

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